What is mana burn

Could some one please explain what mana burn does.exactly. Many thanks

Mana Burn deals damage to an enemy troop equal to their current Mana total. So if they’re at 7/12 mana, it’ll do 7 damage to them. Both Mana Burn troops have that damage boosted by the caster’s Magic.


Thankyou so much.

True dmg? Ive often lost troops that had huge amounts of armor and they got killed with a single manaburn…

“baby dont hurt me, dont hurt me, no more”

No it’s not true damage.


  • it’s usually a big number, as it’s usually Queen Mab, who has Arcane as well as high Magic stat…
  • it’s invisible as the goofy mana burn animation prevents damage numbers being shown…

Thanks, there’s no tooltip for mana burn in the console version, so I had to look it up here as well when the new troops were released. I definitely went over a week using Mab without knowing exactly how her spell calculated damage :grinning:

Today the AI had Queen mab ready to cast, but I wasn’t worried because all of my troops were at 0 mana. But her spell still did a bunch of damage! (I’m on xbox one). Is this normal?

Nice necro of this thread. But yes, that’s normal. As @Lyya mentioned:

“Mana Burn all enemies, boosted by my Magic. If there are 13 or more Blue gems, gain an extra turn.”


It’s worded strangely, but this is (almost) equivalent to: “Deal [Magic] damage to all enemies and Mana Burn them.” So you’ll (almost) always see at least as much damage per troop as she has Magic.

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Also, if fully traited, mab gets one magic every time a ally cast a spell, that’s why the justice team is so strong, I still love using that team for quick pvp, but when it’s every defense in guild wars, I’m getting sick of it, come in troop balance, the term nerf is used way too much.

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Can you take a screenshot of that “justice Team” because I’m not sure what you talking about…of course I don’t think I’ll be able to build it but perhaps I can avoid running into it.


Lots of good stuff to read about it here:

It’s no longer a top meta team, because there are plenty of counters for it now. I wouldn’t be too worried about seeing it often, or losing to it if you do.

The main thing is to have immunity to frozen on a troop or two, and you’re good to go against almost any Mab team!

Could make a new thread but is kinda pointless seen that one got resurrected.

Something fishy happened today on class event, never used 2 mabs before so no clue if was like that from ages or not.

It was the very first battle, i was using Jar of eyes. x2 mab and snow guardian, casted jar of eyes and it refilled back filling aswell both mabs (and leaving more than 13 blues on board), casted first mab and 2 of the enemy died (should have all died actually) casted second mab and nothing happened, so look like mab do damage ONLY if enemy got some mana.

Was always like that or since when?

Nvm, checked on second “round” manticore and amira are immune to mana burn so they take 0 damage from mab, that is.

2 Valkyrie
3 Justice
4 queen mab

Fully traited cards…


yelow +2
Blue +1
Green -1