What Guilds Contribute The Most?

Hi all, I’m currently joining and leaving Guilds right now due to others not contributing their gold, so it’s very hard to complete tasks. I don’t join guilds to take advantage of their rewards as I like to contribute as much gold as I possibly can, just looking for the perfect guild that is very rewarding. If you have or know of any guilds I can join that contribute a lot then it would be so helpful if you could let me know. Cheers!

Plenty of guilds around that complete a lot of tasks :blush:

I would suggest adding where you play (pc/mobile? Console? Switch?) and how much you can contribute in trophies and gold to give people a better idea of what guild to recommend.


What @mitamata said plus your current level.
We just had a spot open up pc/mobile but :woman_shrugging: don’t know enough about you. :woman_zombie:


I see you are a fairly new player. One tip I would give is during the next Tower of Doom Event, check out the Guild Leaderboards and find one that has reqs that you can meet. Starter guilds like the one @Mariana runs are great for newer players. You shouldn’t feel pressure to contribute gold until all your kingdoms are at least level 10.

And don’t get hung up on which guilds contribute the most gold. In my opinion, the basic blue task and the epic red task are the only two with meaningful rewards, unless you are in the top brackets of GW, in which case the skill bonus from completing all tasks is beneficial. Starter guilds are unlikely to complete many of the tasks, but if you find a guild on the ToD leaderboard, it will most likely at least be active and get you orbs and traitstones from event rewards in non-GW weeks.

We’ve had several level 46 players that joined Chunky’s Raiders reach 800 in a short amount of time. It depends more on your activity, than on how much gold you and your guild contribute. If you are on Xbox, hit me up at GT: chunky mono, and let our friendly, helpful training team turn you into a fierce, feared Raider in no time. For the Horde.

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We are not a starter guild. We require a minimum level of 500. We are rank 107, complete all tasks ,get 40k seals and close all portals. GW bracket 11.


My apologies, I meant no disrespect. Good on you for allowing newer players to join and level kingdoms.


You want to look at guild Level, only guild gold donations raise guild level.

Most guilds that advertise here, on reddit, or on Discord here will probably be good ones for you.

The ones you find in global are a bit more of a crapshoot because they haven’t figured out how to use a better chat client yet. Good guilds still recruit there, but if you press them for why they sigh and say, “Because too many people still don’t understand, in 2020, that there are lots of ways to chat.”

The ones you find with the “join random guild” button are mostly garbage, because if you take a random sampling of a junkyard you’re more likely to find some garbage than the sealed-in-box Championship Games for NES.

Basically the recruitment effort is a sign of how many flips they give, and the more flips they give the more gold they give.

While the 2nd part of your statement is true, I would disagree with “look at guild level”.

Guild level is only part of the picture. There are still guilds above mine that might have USED to contribute more but have gone stale or lost their huge contributors, while there are other newer guilds below us that haven’t been around as long as us that are contributing much more than us. Level is really only an indication of how old a guild is.

Plus, level says nothing about events completion, social atmosphere, language barriers, etc. While level should surely be considered, it’s only 1 small piece to consider.


If you haven’t got your kingdoms to level 10 yet, you don’t want to be in a guild that requires you to contribute gold yet, but it’s good to be in one that still has players past that point who are putting in gold for you. At your level, your biggest contributions should be seals (to improve the guild chests) and trophies (to improve the guild rank).

We have 5 guilds in The Sons Family, so that players of all levels can find a place that works for them at their given play level. Our entry level guild is Sons of Shadow:

Sons of Shadow - Our New Player/Casual Guild
10k+ seals, Blue task to at least lvl 7 weekly
Guild Ranking: 6975, Last Guild Wars Bracket: 491
Minimums required: 2 out of 3: 25,000 gold, 500 seals, 10 trophies. Guild Wars Mandatory - All other events encouraged.

Join our Discord Server The Sons Family or DM me at Mekrinel#4084 if you want to chat.

It shows both commitment and long term commitment.
But my vision is clouded because I have only been in the top guild in Xbox land with little turnover.

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since trophies are now given in every mode… go here, sort the previous week by “Weekly Change”. this gives you an idea of how active the guild is. not necessarily how much gold they donate but the best judge we have right now…

as a reference my guild is in the top 10-20 per week and i expect to get a minimum of 10LTs per week (post ETs of course).

trophy rank and guild level are NOT good rankings for guild activity. there are guilds that have died at a high rank and low ranking or new guilds that are ultra active.


Does negative weekly change mean players were banned, and trophies clawed back?

Yeppers. (plus10char)


Thank you so much @HugeOgre! I will definitely have a look through that list! You’re the best! <3

I would love to add where I play, I am fairly new to the game so I’m not sure how.

Just elaborate with a post. Put what platform you play on and what you’re able to contribute, and people here will get you where you most want to be in no time :slight_smile:

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