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Weird Ideas: Troops from Daily Login

  1. Your WAY off by your inaccurate assumptions of me. But if it helps you feel good, ok.
  2. I’ll be the first to enjoy my Keys. But if you seriously think the developers are going to add Event Keys as a reward for 15 seconds (x7 days) of effort, we are too far apart in terms of reality.
  3. Good Day.

@falcon4287 @Strat

No calling people out or making it personal, guys… Keep it civil and stick to the forum rules…

Picking up on the point - we’ve suggested having a daily login reward calendar / tracker before, with different rewards each day and a special bonus (card?) for 30 consecutive logins. Many other games do this and do it well.

Unsure if it pushes loyalty up, or not… Maybe the reward should only be ticked for actually playing the game…

i like the 1event key per 7 days idea.
event key costs 60 revenges only coz it is farmable with no restriction - so i dont think it is comparable to a non-farmable daily login rewards to begin with.