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March 20, 2022


New Epic Troop: Twinkle Berry

Twinkle Berry will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

New Legendary Troop: King Oberron

King Oberron will be available exclusively in Event Chests this week, and will make his way to Glory, Gem, Guild, and VIP chests in the usual 3-4 weeks.

New Doomed Weapon: Doomed Poignard

This week it will be available in both the Tower of Doom shop, and in the Soulforge.


So if the doom is in 4th slot you want kill it so the insta kill will work. But it doesn’t work on the doom. It does double damage on that doom, though, but once it’s killed… Will the double damage be gone since there’s no doom anymore?

That weapon looks like another useless doomed weapon to me.

Can’t even target a specific enemy.

Way too costly to upgrade for what it offers.

Is that intentional bad design, am I missing something, or did you miss something when coming up with this? :thinking:

Working As Intended.


I think its a missed opportunity more than anything. The Doomed Daggers could’ve been decent at best if the devs changed the spell to “Deal (Magic+1) True Damage to an enemy, +1 per tampering level. If they have a Doom, deal double damage.” But… :man_shrugging:t5: :man_shrugging:t5: :man_shrugging:t5:

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My comment was flagged by a dev due to what I referred to the anonymous designer as.

Whether it’s appropriate to flag feedback targeted at a person’s work/art and not the actual person is whatever.

What I truly want to know is how I can flag the weapon itself? Because I feel like it’s an insult to your player base. So many will get it and upgrade it while completely being ignorant to Dooms being immune to lethal damage that it 100% feels disingenuous.

And the flagging of my content instead of editing the insult away tells us all that the devs know 100% what they are doing.

My sincere apologies to whomever took the PG insult personal. Perhaps it’s because you know what you did was wrong. And selling ones soul is not worth a paycheck. But those are my own morals. I can’t view the a million dollar company by the same merits clearly.

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Not going to bother debating with this user, but just so others don’t get the wrong idea, calling individuals (whether players or devs) “scumbags” is considered inflammatory and not allowed on these forums, as this poster well knows.

Devs are open to feedback on new troops and weapons - that doesn’t mean they’ll always (or usually) implement suggestions, but as long as you’re respectful, suggest as much as you like!


Forge scrolls on offer. I don’t recall seeing them on offers.
Edit: (image)

At first King Ob seemed like a really great troop, but outside a micro improvement to the already amazing Row team, I have yet to find a pure FEY team that he makes viable. You can make solid teams (but lets be honest you can make a lot of solid non-meta teams) but not a great one. Anyone got a team with him yet?

Scaleguard protector (or any weapon that explodes or leprechaun or thrall), Oberron, Titania, Gobmother. It’s not the fastest team in the world but besides of insta kill it will be hard to beat once it gets rolling.

Side note: why add the second R to Oberon? My autocorrect always wants to write it, well, correctly. :sweat_smile:

I don’t do that anymore, either. Though I’ve been promised to never get a reply ever again. :grin:

Maybe he doesn’t see my posts anymore or else he might have seen that it wasn’t trying to bury feedback but the insult that got his post hidden.

It’s still there. People can click on it - it might even get more attention as humans are naturally curious.

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I wondered that too; particularly as Queen Titania does use the normal spelling.

How to properly get attention from strangers:

Be more like Stewart.


Continue to bash player(s) for bashing devs.

Despite the player(a) asking nothing of you.

While the devs give absolutely nothing anymore without the other hand asking for money.

I know, I’m an idiot for expecting a product worth the thousands I’ve dumped into this game.

But I fell in love with GoW due to weapons like this:

Not every doomed weapon being a lesser amount of good to basically hit rock bottom with this:

Unless of course criticizing objects is now flaggable as well.

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Good thing she didn’t get a second t anywhere. :joy:

why add the second R to Oberon?

Maybe they’re worried that Bill Wagglestaff will sue for copyright :rofl: