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Webbed Baby Dragon still summons level 20 troops

Is this intentional? Or is this a bug?


This is intentional, web only affect magic damages

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Baby Dragon Magic is used for the damage of its spell. So Webbed will only reduce the damage.
It transforms into a new troop, it’s something different from summons. It’ll pick a random dragon from the collection and use the level of the random troop in that player’s collection.


Even though it’s not worded that way? It says, “Magic reduced to zero” and summons say "

Oh, never mind… it’s not a summon, but a transform


Sirrian explaination is better :slight_smile:

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It’s intentional bec when your webbed and baby dragon transforms it brings in a different troop that you own at that lvl or that you don’t own at lvl 1 but, when you summon a troop it brings it in at the magic lvl and if your webbed then that would be lvl 1

It’s sometimes hard to tell what is a bug and what is intentional…

Webbed enemies should summon level 1 troops because their magic is zero. The dragon is losing the Web effect at death, and it shouldnt. Unless it is intentional.


Webbed enemies summon troops based on their spell configuration. If the spell says to summon a troop with level [Magic + 3], it will have level 0 + 3 = 3. Transformation doesn’t care about Magic, it picks the troop from the collection, at exactly those stats.


Except the spells don’t say summon troop of level X + magic. But unless something changed, and maybe a long time ago, you can’t summon a troop higher than the casters magic.

But it is not a summon. Its a transform.

I guess I’ll break it down here:

Transform self isn’t affected by magic. It is always the level (and rarity) of the troop in your collection, or 1 if you didn’t have it. Forced enemy transforms also don’t scale with magic, they will be transformed to specified troop at level 12 (whether or not the spell indicates level 12, this appears to be a constant, eg,. Dragon’s Eye weapon vs Spooky Imp). Transforms aren’t summons, and they aren’t deaths, so they count as neither.

Summons triggered from traits work similarly to transforms (this includes a certain “Immortal” troop) - it will be at the rarity and level you have it at in your collection. If you don’t have it in your collection, (or are an AI not connected to a player), this will be level 1, untraited, and base rarity.

Summons triggered from casting a spell (this includes things that “die and rise from the ashes”, this means “die and summon a copy of this troop”) start at a level equal to the caster’s magic, minimum 1 and maximum the level cap of the current rarity of the troop in your collection, or the limited to the cap of the default rarity if they don’t have it. Most spells by now had the level specification from the description when the tooltip was added, as there were many instances where it was incorrect anyways (eg., Krystenax, who has a bonus to spell damage but not to summon), but some of them linger like Nysha’s Skull.

These rules are all pretty straightforward, but they seem to be confusing a lot of people and I’m seeing a lot of misinformation (plus I’ve seen at least a couple threads discussing revives and now transforms). Maybe the tooltips could be updated for clarity. All summons spell page, including Sunbird, already clearly have the tooltip for “summoning”, so I guess that didn’t really help people not be confused, but no trait that summons has a tooltip for “summoning” at all, and it could use one to clarify how it works with respect to traits (and to clarify that Infernal King’s trait is, in fact, a summon triggered by his own death). Transform’s tooltip also makes it seem like you can influence the level of the troop that you are transforming to based on your magic, but this isn’t the case.

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Web, by the way, reduces magic to 0 for all intents and purposes does the exact same thing to any spell as if the magic was reduced to 0 by any other means. If the spell has a component that scales with magic, eg., troop summoning, it will be affected in the same way if the troop was webbed or if they were reduced to 0 magic from another source. It does not directly alter the damage dealt by any spell except by reducing the component of the damage that scales with magic. Transform just doesn’t scale with magic, as has been established. Entangle works similarly to web with respect to anything that checks attack - you are just temporarily counted as zero attack.

tl;dr: Intentional.


Yup true i forgot about that, as example if tds is webbed he will still deal 11 dmg but will win less souls