Weapon damage Hope's Cresent -5 in Pet rescue

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PC, Steam

In playing the Pet Rescue today I remarked that the weapon damage from Hope’s Cresent was not correct.
In my list of weapons it says the weapon destroys the enemy’s armor and does 28 damage x3 if enemy’s life is higher than mine.
In using the weapon in Pet rescue it suddenly said destroy armor and do 23 damage….

Where did those 5 damage went to? There was no enemy troop that could count for that.

Given its specifically 5 damage, you’ve lost your hero class assigned to that specific pet rescue after the update.

Or, rather, you haven’t assigned one to it. Team slots all got defaulted to whatever class you were using at the time of the update, but any team that was stored “elsewhere” was assigned nothing - so pet rescues, delves, etc.

Just make sure you’ve got something there before you play. For everything, unfortunately.


I had the class set on Thief since I was playing an all Goblin team.

If it doesn’t say a class under the pet rescue team name you don’t have one set. You have to set them for all the different pet rescue teams.

As always when it comes to bug reports.
Screen shots of exactly what you are seeing would be the most helpful. Help us (or the devs) help you. :grinning:

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It’s quite simpel no? And I’m not new to GoW either.
I didn’t think to make a screenshot at the time but as I said I was playing in the class Thief. Troops: Hope’s cresent, Queen Grabblepot, Princess Fizz-Bang and Nobend Brothers.
As I said earlier in the weaponslist the damage for the weapon was shown as 28 but in the team it said 23 and it also did 23 basedamage when fired (times 3 makes 69 since their life was higher than mine)
And sorry but in this case a screenshot won’t make any difference… :thinking:

@WWDiver Sorry you had this issue.

Actually a screenshot would be useful.

Your Hero may have had the Traits and Talents from the Class, but the Class may not have actually been equipped to the team.

Being able to see exactly how the Class was being applied to your Hero/Team will help us troubleshoot.


My dear friend Kafka,
I had assembled a new team since it is now possible to have multiple team with multiple classes. So this team was a new one in pet rescue and since I newly made it up I had to set the class and banner as well.
I had a good team and made it thru the rescue without problems so it did not matter that much. I just wanted to let you people know here was an issue.
I don’t know either how it was possible there were suddenly 5 damage points missing I just now they were missing that’s all. :neutral_face:
And yes I should have made a screen shot but I simply didn’t think of it sorry… :slight_smile:

I guess without a diamond in my name. My suggestion isn’t as good. Fair enough.

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Hope’s Crescent is red/green, Thief class grants +5 magic for brown weapons. If you switch to a class that grants +5 magic for green or red weapons, your 5 missing damage will be back again.


Genius! :smiley:

More specifically, given that you were switching from a different team, if you previously had a class selected that gave +5 magic to red or green weapons, Hope’s Crescent would show in the Weapons list with +5 damage. If you then:

  1. Added the weapon to your team

  2. Changed class to Thief (without re-checking the damage)

  3. Entered the battle

  4. Went to cast Hope’s Crescent, and noticed the damage was 5 less

I think that would explain the situation.

@Kafka I think there may actually be more to this.

While playing around with teams in Delves (the Fang Moor Faction Event), I noticed that my hero’s class was displayed differently depending on whether I selected from the Weapons list or from my Team.

This is despite having the same class assigned to the team (if you can make it out in the pictures from where the arrows are pointing.

Moreover, the one shown from the Weapons tab (Frostmage) was the last used one outside of this, either in Explore or PvP, and the one shown under my Hero Avatar from the world map screen.

  • First picture (Frostmage) (shown on World Map) - selected from list of all Weapons

  • Second picture (Warpriest) (class assigned to team) - selected from the chosen Team

Perhaps this happens in other ‘special events’, such as Pet Rescue, and is what caused this Bug Report to be made :man_shrugging: :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Is your hoard at level 100? That gives +9 mana and could explain the difference you’re seeing.

World map shows you what the value is outside the delve. In the Fang Moor team it shows you what the value is that you have within that delve.


@Cujo I’m not actually personally concerned with the difference in magic/spell damage in my pictures, which I agree would be explained by Hoard level 100 (good spot, though!).

My first picture shows the Hero as a Frostmage, despite the class assigned to the team being Warpriest. This was shown when clicking on a weapon from the list of Weapons on the right.

I was speculating that perhaps @WWDiver’s confusion around the damage meant to be caused by Hope’s Crescent was caused by this - his Hero appearing as a different class to the one assigned, when looking through his Weapons.

@awryan @Fourdottwoone

@Jonathan good catch.

I’ll report this visual issue to the team so we can fix it.

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This will be fixed in version 4.3., the next update! Thanks to @Alpheon :confetti_ball:
The class will display as that of the selected team. If no team is selected, it will display the last class used (like it currently does).

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@Cyrup @Alpheon While browsing weapons in one of these special modes recently, I noticed the class from the selected team displaying correctly – which was really cool! – but the magic values were still displaying the +5 colour bonus from the global class.

I just opened up one of my Delves for a quick screenshot: