We need a board mulligan or reshuffle option at the start of the game

How will the Mulligan be implemented against teams using turn zero exploders? Will it explode, give you the resultant mana plus cascade mana and still offer you a Mulligan even though you have perhaps a couple of troops castable already?

I guess the traits would only kick in after a mulligan, once the match starts.

A mulligan in MtG has a built in penalty, where you draw one fewer cards each time you mulligan. It can’t be used to just redraw into a superior hand; it’s something you want to do only if your hand is downright terrible.

I don’t see any equivalent here. A mulligan on the game board which lets you keep control of the board would be incredibly overpowered, to the point that no penalty could hold it back from being the “smart play” every time you start off without a 4 match on the board. On the other hand, any mulligan where you lose control of the board when shuffling would be a bad play in all cases because you effectively lose a turn, and there is a chance the AI would get a board that’s set up for a combo or 4/5 match anyway.

Its a bad idea. Just take a loss from time to time and move on. The only way this would be a neutral idea is maybe in guild wars so if you take one it cost you points and for every one you take the penalty for taking it climbs. Points and or Gems.

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My only disagreement with the concept of a mulligan is in and of itself a bigger problem.

If I’m running my current PvP team with its optimal class, most boards win within 3 turns and a startling number of them win within 2. There are some very specific teams that will always beat me if and only if the starting board doesn’t let me make particular early moves.

If I could mulligan/shuffle, I’d go from something like a 95% win rate to a 97% win rate. In the end, that wouldn’t help me very much. But I’d also be even more angry about the games where I mulligan a bad starting board into another bad starting board.

So I think it’s diminishing returns. That extra 2% of wins won’t make me much happier, and it comes at the cost of a new scenario where I feel like the game screwed me against all odds. No deal.

On the other hand, I can stand behind, “The game should be reworked such that winning within 5 turns is not possible with any configuration outside of exceptionally rare board states.” We’d have to rework the economy, though, as the game would be much slower. We’d probably lose almost all Empowered troops and we’d need significant nerfs to all generators and exploders. Damage would have to be cut across the board, etc. It’d be a completely different game, and it’d also mean the modes like Delve that require such power would need to be reworked.