🌒 Dark Riders (Bracket 3-5) - looking for members

Dark riders is looking for active players to join a growing guild. pc/mobile. no reqs, other than you be a daily player and donate what you can. you can be new or seasoned. comment with your invite code.

Bonjour, pourquoi ne pas plutôt rejoindre une guilde déjà active. Notre niveau de guilde 663. Nous sommes actuellement 4/30. Notre bonus de guilde est +150%. Nous sommes ouverts à tous Français ou pas.
Notre guilde Les Victorieuses
A bientôt

Dark Riders are still there and keep growing!

full most of the time and recruitment done mostly via friendly reference (or maybe in game chat recruitment), but if you are wondering - wouldnt hurt to ask Wife of Brode - @br0eswife if there is space, possible contact also on discord (i dont have it) or steam, and of course in game chat

Requirements: (may not be updated later)
lv3 sentinels - at monday
150k gold, 1500 seals, 300 trophies - done by friday

right now doing 5-6 colors full and 40k seals by sunday evening, climbing the top #150 ranks (may not be updated later)

we have a spot for you, gemme your invite code when you are ready :wink:

we will have 2 spots by monday (1 spot right now)

  • Req: 200k gold, 1500seals, lv3sentinels (magic lv5), all gw fights

  • offering: 20gw troops (bracket 3-5), 5-6colors tasks full, 48% color bonus, usually 40k guild chest at sunday

Bump still open spots !

bump & edit: we may require sentinels lv3 all except of - magic sentinel lv5

its a new change and were not sure will we keep it

2 spots still open last time i checked :slight_smile:

we’ve got 1 spot open

Hey I grind daily and contribute 100% to guild tasks. I’m lvl 170 add me! BLUNT-GAR is invite name

you are in a guild, if you are sure you can meet all the requirements let me know when you leave so i could send an invite :slight_smile:

I told them to wait but by now someone took your spot, no idea are you still interested, will wait your reply

I’m sorry it took a day to get back to you. I found a guild already

bump, open spots :slight_smile:

still recruiting :slight_smile:

recruitment open :slight_smile:

Recruitment open (1 spot)

  • Req: 200k gold, 1500seals, lv3sentinels (magic lv5) & all gw fights (when gw is back)
  • offering: bracket 3-6 (when gw is back), 5-6colors tasks full, 48% color bonus, usually 40k guild chest at sunday, occasional legendary tasks