VIP Level Increase Beyond 10?

With the rolling out of troops to catch the Console player up to the PC player, we maybe buying more packages. Is there any plans to increase the VIP Level beyond 10? Or if not, maybe giving random items (gold, souls, glory etc…) periodically (monthly , quearterly etc…) for anyone who is over the top level?



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We’ve got a bunch of announcements for PC/Mobile (about the 2.1 update) coming some time in the next week… Stay tuned, we might have some news to share there about VIP levels too :wink: (which will of course find their way to consoles!)


Oh @Sirrian you tease!

Can’t find this info anywhere else…i’s not clear from the UI how much one would have to spend to unlock VIP chests (level 5 I believe). Is it on a wiki somewhere?

I think someone recently said to me it was around $130? (ViP 5) Don’t quote me on that though.

I like how you tease upcoming PC/mobile features in the console thread… keeps the community together and informed if they read everything.

PS I’m really looking forward to the catch up process to start on console!

Thanks much!

Thanks for the quick response and update :relaxed:

will there also be something for vip level 0 players like myself?

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It seems the devs didn’t get your hint that you wanted the vip update with all those shiny new troops.

Good point…Thanks

Hey Devs…any update on increasing the VIP Level.

My guess is it’s coming next console update, it’s already been moved up to Vip 15 on pc. Should be soonish TM. 2-4ish weeks if I had to make a good guess.

Yes indeed - I believe it should be in the next console update!

@Sirrian If a player is already vip 10 and makes more purchases before the update will they get the excess vip points applied to their account after the update?

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Yes, when ever new VIP levels are instituted it will look at your entire purchase history. If you believe or know it to be wrong you can open a support ticket but most of those bugs have been ironed out now.