Video: F2P Teams for Newer Players


Hello everyone! Today I go over some great early game teams that use commons and rares only.

I am also going to be making a Let’s Play of Gems of War when version 2.0 goes live. I will be starting a fresh account from level 1 and will show many helpful techniques to advance in Gems of War as a free to play player. Make sure to subscribe so you know when it goes live!

This game is too hard
Oh Boi, I sure do love getting runic trait stones (not at all)

Thanks for the video. :smile_cat:
I didn’t know that the AI targets banner colors. That’s some very helpful information.


The AI tends to target whatever color the enemy (the player) needs most rather than what their team needs most. For example, if you had 3x air link for +3 yellow and +2 brown on banner, the AI will prioritize 3x in order of skulls first, then yellow, then brown, then other colors. Sometimes just have a +1 bonus isn’t enough for them to prioritize, but for 2 or higher it seems to always work.

Both are factors to consider when defend teams start to matter in version 2.0. It is why defend teams should always cover all mana colors and using any banner with a +2, +1, -1 is a bad idea for defending.


Also, the Gems dropped seems to be loosely tied to the players Banner as well.

Anyone who uses a +2 Banner over a couple hundred matches will see that the colour of their +2 Banner will drop about 2% less than the stated 15%. The colours also appear to have “opposites”, so that 2% difference will shift to the “opposite” of the colour of the Banner.

I think it’s an attempt of balance, you get more Mana but less matches of said colour to get the bonus from. Doing this completely contradicts the Banner system though, unless you use it to your advantage :wink:


Great video.

I like your Paladin team. In my case, the AI seems to know when I am running Paladin and starts targeting him for destruction. It is uncanny. :stuck_out_tongue: I usually only break him out with cards beyond what you are describing in your video—example team: Celestasia, The Great Maw, Paladin, Prismatic Orb (Holy Banner) /Maester of Air, Lord of Devas/.

Early Monster Mash

You mentioned Golem which is a nice card. One uniquely monster team I have run is Golem tossed into the mix with Night Terror, Marsh Raptor, and Chimera. It has Monster General (+2 Armor, +2 Life, +1 Magic) and some interesting damage mechanics and statuses to toss at your opponents. Golem is mainly there to keep the heat off the other three monsters, two of which target the weakest enemy and one that poisons and burns the strongest. All are Ultra Rare or lower, Golem being Common. You can substitute in other monsters like Mist Stalker or Gorgon as well.


Let me explain this phenomenon in a different way - if you have a +2 banner it means you really want that color, and will tend to match it. In many teams this means there are 2 or 3 colors that you generally don’t match - which clogs the board and prevents big drops. Which means you very quickly get to a situation where there are very few matches available - and even fewer of the color(s) you care about.

Many people run gem-transformation teams, which can be very powerful in terms of generation & board control. But I’ve actually found that targeted color DESTRUCTION does a better job of eliminating problem colors, and helping re-set the board to eliminate color bias based on clogged color selection.


I pity the fools who don’t make use of AT LEAST 4 of the 6 colours.

Your points make perfect sense in the majority of situations. However, I use teams that use 5 or 6 colours (I hate “wasted” matches) and I was counting the Gems that drop, not recounting the gameboard each time a move was made.


So … um … yeah … I have made some teams that perform pretty well with few colors. And yet, with that said, I am with Talia on this one because it drives me up a wall and makes me absolutely bonkers to match a color that I am not using.

I am not sure what is wrong with me, but there it is. I tend to use all mana colors for that reason. Otherwise…? Nails scraping down a chalkboard…

I think I need a support group… maybe …


I winced and my ears tingled just from looking at that.

Curse you, reflexes.

If you need me, I’ll be in ANY OTHER THREAD.


Ok, Lyya’s gone so it is safe to post this: here is the sound it makes when I match colors without being able to use the mana. Warning: hard to listen to.

And I will not trifle with your intelligence by posting the ‘10 hours of nails down a chalkboard during a cat fight’ link… but it is out there and pretty much corresponds to any long cascade of manaless matches.

And back on topic, although Tacet made the video to help out newer players, I have always fancied low mana requirement teams that can play in the big leagues. Taking down a bevy of traited terrors using less rare cards is always a treat.


@Tacet also posted a video that was
And another troop I forgot,
This team seemed to work pretty well


Green Seer
+2 green


I was just setting up teams for tomorrow’s video and just realized the Webspinner team I was about to suggest I already showed. xD


Thats old age settling in :slight_smile:


Was it my team @Tacet?

Scale Guard
Scale Guard


It was:
Inferno King

This week is:
Goblin Shaman
Green Seer

I still haven’t bothered upgrading my Webspinner despite having the traitstoens for it. More troops have some form of immunity to poison than any other status effect.


Ahhhh I see, I just like the idea of a turn one poison off of a 4+ of a kind into a 3x skull match or double scale guard spell


Yeah, the new scale guards are fun. They probably dominate so hard in early game right now.


I’d bet they do, I wish @Sirrian Hadn’t “Ninja Nerfed” his fire link tho :grin: lol
How awesome would that have been


I think the number of troops that have strudy right now exceeds any other trait. Scale Guard just added to it.