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VG is looking for a hardcore player — TOP 3 trophies guild — 120+ LTs EVERY single week... 196 LTs until now and the week is not over!

LTs reached early Monday, feeling like Christmas each week. We offer you a minimum of 120+ LTs and 60+ pets EVERY single week.
196 LTs until now and the week is not over!..

Hi! I’m The Queen of Varangian Guard, and I’d like YOU to join our guild!
We are an independent strong guild (not a family). We climb fast without having to struggle, never forgetting to have FUN while playing!

What we need from you (minimum):

  • A daily player with experience 1000+ level
  • 3 million gold
  • 2.000 trophies
  • Participation in all events
  • Check chat regularly
  • Our reqs are here for when we encounter a bad/busy week. We all go above and beyond…

What you get:

  • Steady player base: our independence (not a family of guilds) means no forced exchange of players between higher and lower guilds

  • Currently in low GW bracket (B50), so no GW stress

  • All events completed fast and done as a team, equally. ToD finished in day 1.

  • 120+ LTs every week - averaging 3 mythic troops per month

  • Occasional gold dump weeks

  • Daily Pets galore to up your kingdoms! More than 60 pets every week

  • Access to our guild’s exclusive Discord server

  • Fun, chatty and very active players who are competitive in all areas

  • Help whenever you need it - a united team is always a winning team

  • Tired of seeing all those 0’s at the bottom of the Event scores on day 3, 4, or 5?

  • Come join us and don’t let your talents be wasted

  • Independent guild; we believe in equality - a more compact activity distribution (organized, no-one feeling left out); no burnout; no huge extra trophies obligation - freedom is the best!

  • Hardcore guild

  • Top 3 trophies guild

  • Rank 27

  • On Steam/Android/Mobile

  • A golden team, ready to be completed by You - a fabulous fighter

If you’re interested,

contact me on discord: TheQueen#0566

or join our server Varangian Guard

That’s amazing, I don’t think there is something near on PS4.

Hehe, thank you :wink: