Vault Weekend data collection - for w/e 13 Sept

For funsies, try your luck with this Vault Key drop simulator

https://Gems of War - Vault Event simulator

It uses ONE possible implementation of “10% of vault keys”.
hint: Check the source code :smile_cat:

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Nah, it just reinforces what the devs have said all along. It’s just random luck. You had better luck this week. See?

To key, or not to key, that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The gems and skulls of outrageous fortune…


I’ll try to remember to participate. Every little bit counts :+1:

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You received a total of 92 vault keys and 5 epic vault keys. Your luck is: GOOD


fun toy

I’m happy to track and submit Gnomes encountered, VKs and EVKs. Probs won’t be a huge amount, though.

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This honestly looks about right based on what people were reporting - and the snarky source code is about how I imagine the code check went down.

I’ll feel bad, and apologize profusely, if it turns out that the actual code is fine.

If it were 10%, the majority of active players would have the achievement, and it is at 0.0% on steam. RNG has a bell curve distribution, you would be hearing from lucky players with 3 or 4 epic keys and you just don’t. Not sure if the devs are dumb, delusional, or deceiving us on this one. It’s bad news regardless.


@cyberkiwi That tool is fun-ner than some game bits. :grimacing: Thanks. I’ll be submitting data too.

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During the first vault weekend the xbox achievement was gained by 0.01% of players. In the 4 weeks since then it has progressed to… 0.02%

“We checked the code, it’s working as intended” Yeah ok. :roll_eyes:


There definitely could be shenanigans with the key odds but I am not sure achievement trackers is proof of that honestly. Too many variables affecting that stat (people who downloaded and only played a little, people who stopped ages ago etc.)

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I can track. Let’s see if it’s better than 1 in 16 this time around. Or if I actually get an epic key.

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(A mere formality but) count me in.


I wouldn’t be surprised if the person writing the patch notes saw .01% and wrote it as 10%.

Count Me In, ready with my data sheets…

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I will also track my keys (as I did for every previous gnome weekend)

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Here is my first session of the Vault weekend and I’m getting a chilling sense of deja vu.

667 battles, 63 Gnomes, 9 Vault keys, 0 Epic Vault keys.

I feel like an idiot searching for a needle in a field full of haystacks. Not sure I have the stomach to contribute much more this weekend. Good luck all.

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I know the feeling. As I said last month, if they screwed up and didn’t give epic vault keys the vault event boost, epic vault keys basically don’t exist. A few will drop per month across the entire playerbase, which is what we’re seeing based on achievement stats.

All we can do is collect the data that the devs won’t provide, and hope that they step in if there’s an issue. Maybe they’ll look into it before the next vault event…

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We are all chasing these epic keys and the rewards for them are more pathetic than Epic tasks.

Up to 600 battles 6/15 for gnomes, 2 vks from the task. None otherwise.

What I find hilarious is they told us 10%, but the achievements clearly show that was a LIE. If not “streakiness?” “Visual bug?” Or just “the players fault.”


It’s not a lie, and certainly not on the part of the devs who post on the forums, it’s just more bad coding.

The only reason this is frustrating to me is that it’s so hard to get potential issues investigated. Given that every update releases with major bugs, including drop table bugs (chaos shards, guardians in gold chests, world event troops in chests), it’s obvious that more testing is needed pre and post release. When large numbers of players notice something weird, you’d think it would warrant testing.

When Mithran exposed the chaos shard issue, the initial response was a code check which said that everything should be working. It’s still possible that nothing is wrong here, but we have ample reason to doubt it.