V.I.P Levels in dollars?

Does anyone know what the exact cost of all V.I.P Levels in dollars are, I think My level is too low for what I have spent already

thank you @Ozball …that’s all I needed to know…I have spent over 330 bucks and am stuck on level 5

@Nimhain @Sirrian

Are the costs for VIP 11-15 anywhere?

Man, looking at everything beyond VIP 5 and I can’t believe I’ve spent so much money on a F2P game. ROFL


You and me both @htismaqe, but honestly I don’t regret it.


I don’t either. In terms of sheer hours of enjoyment, I’ve gotten more out of this game than even a game like Skyrim, which I sunk well over 100 hours into…

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@WishKiller are you on PS4? If so this might be relevant: