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Update 2.0.1 Preview

when is the date of this version?

I strongly assume next week.

Two weeks ago.



These changes definitely sounds good !

A little concern I have though is that Impervious is growing more and more powerfull while other single status protection feels as weak as ever.
I think single status protection should be upgraded to counter three things each, so they would at least compete a bit with impervious.

For example :
Healthy : immune to poison / disease / death mark
Etheral : immune to web / entangle / devour
Weatherproof: immune to burn / mana burn / frozen
Wary : immune to silence / hunter’s mark / stat loss


Support something like this. Even if just two effects rather three if that is more balanced.

Looks pretty good overall. I assume the new states work like most of the other status effects (minus poison) in how they wear off?

Does immunity to Mana Burn prevent those troops that use a Mana Burn spell from dealing damage to the said troop at all, or just the bonus damage from the target troop having mana?

Any plans for any counter to straight stat reduction?

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Looks like a very nice update! More interesting way to farm traitstones rather than the same challenge over and over, the increased chance is a nice bonus on top of it.

Looking forward to this… when I get time to play :confused: Got some RL stuff going on for the next few weeks.

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That I just can’t hide it! I’m about to lose control 'cause I know I’ll like it!

Explore; Yes, just yes. 9/10 - What better way to earn souls and traitstones is there? My answer: None!

Dual Types; 'Bout time! 10/10 - More team concepts is always nice, but also better counter-ability.

Marauders?; Lovely new types! 10/10 - I’m gonna have to update my team bonus guide, won’t I…? (⁻ᴗ⁻)

Status Effects; Called Stuns effect! 10/10 - I’m a very happy camper. Even if the spiders bite.

Trait Changes; Ha! *clears throat* I mean, “Yay!” 10/10 - Sorry, not sorry.

Zhul’Kari Rework; *tears fall* They have a purpose! 10/10 - Will elves be viable now? We’ll see.

Mini Game Button; A little quality of life feature is nice. 6/10 - Doesn’t help me, but who knows!

New Class: Assassin; I see those 1,337 souls! ?/10 - No comment 'til I’ve seen it in action.

New Kingdom: Leonis Empire; Foxy. ?/10 - I’m expecting good things, Sirrian, good things!


So with the death of Marauders what will happen to Gob-Chomper’s power? Will it target just goblins now or even possible a couple of classes?

Edit for my increased reading comprehension above.

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I don’t like this at all. Mana Burn and Devour are not status effects, and there is no reason for Imprevious to protect from them while it does not protect form other named effects such as Charm and Drain.


Wasn’t 2.0.1 supposed to rework a part of guild-related stuff and then more in 2.1?


A question about “explore mode”:
What’s the difference with the “challenges mode” to earn traitstones, except the fact that team is random?
The increased chances for the traitstone drop ( x2 runic, x3 arcane & celestial) ?
In that case, can we know the “dropchance” for the “challenge mode”?

2.1 is the Guild Update… we’ve started doing smaller updates in between the big updates, so instead of ALL the changes every 3 months, you get something smaller in between to fill up the gaps


Ok, got it.

Ugh, Plague is going to be so gross now. 3rd Trait and spell that affect stats and ignore Impervious, but he’s Impervious himself so Web/Stun are useless against him, not to mention Devour and Mana Burn.

I’m really grateful for the dual troop types. I know this is a feature a couple of us asked for, and my excitement for the combinations it opens up is really high. The slayer traits get a nice buff.

Impervious making the troop immune to devour and mana burn is fantastic.

Death Mark should be dangerous now. When I yell “Die Mab Die,” I can mark her for death and have some hope of her dying before her cast!

Will we now be able to get multiple troop type team bonuses? Like Human and Knight both applying, if there are say 4xKnight/Humans?

We don’t even know the chance for Troops in chests. I highly doubt traitstone info will be provided anytime soon. (Considering it’s been asked before and we were forced to draw up our own conclusions.)

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I made my conclusion:

But as you can see now,they give a little information like this:

I don’t want to know the exact %, but a infos like x2 or x3…

So “explore mode” = x2 runic & x3 arcane and celestial, “challenge mode” is the same…? or less…?

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Supposedly, the drop chances were

0.75% Celestial
1.5% Arcane
7% Runic (maybe it was 13, I forget)
30% Major
61% Minor

This may have changed since traitstones were first introduced, but I think those are the numbers reported.

I am in agreement with @yonizaf that it doesn’t make thematic sense for Impervious to protect against mana drain and devour. I still hold out hope that size traits will counter devour, and if Mana Shield did anything it ought to protect against draining effects.

Edit: crap, tagged the wrong person. Sorry to the original target (you know who you are)

Finally a reason to play through the Quest lines. This looks like fun.