Unity's pricing change! Will it affect GoW?

Hey devs,
How this will affect GoW?


The only people to answer this question do not read here and even less leave comments. If they are planning an engine switch, we’ll get to know in time. And then have to sit through half a year of bugfixes.
I’m still unsure, if this game even makes enough money per year to be obliged to pay per installation.

By the way, there’s already a little thread going about the subject.

I know those people do not read the forum, but some of their minions do, and they can relay the question and the answer too.

I’d also like to know. This unity thing is absurd, and alot of games might go under because of it.

Does nobody read the important things anymore? Re-downloads on the same device are not affected, so this is nothing more than a minor inconvenience …

Unity has been cagey at best about how they track “devices” and therefore installs. Everyone using the free license is going to be impacted. The question to me is if GoW is being developed under the free license or if it’s a different one that won’t be changing.

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Switch to Godot. Open Source.

Hey all, currently this doesn’t change anything for Gems of War.