Unity Changes (3.05 P.C / 3.1 rest of the systems) Changes that need to be rethought

Not new to the Unity Port. Please add that to a bug request for general GW or add to the Quality of Life Improvement Thread List of Quality of Life Improvements

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Actually the desire is to completely replace this back with the old UI.

I am not sure I want to confuse the two topics.

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i would actually prefer a hybrid of old and new ui

and the way @Versheenah put it is nice

basically the whole list like in current pc is fine as long as every entry has a (selectable by click) pop-up list when you click on it

except with the gems where they could be showed all in a line already so no need for a popup list


That thread is closed, sadly. But I got your meaning :slight_smile:

Edited: What about the dimmed-out traitstones’ names in the traiting section and not dimmed-out missing traitstones? This is a PC/unity issue, right?

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What @Annaerith said, the sorting options are cool, e.g. sorting by spell or by trait, and I would very much like them to stay. It’s only the way this feature is currently executed that is truly inconvenient (the need to click the arrow button over9000 times). Drop-down lists, like in the old UI, for all of the sorting options would solve this nicely!


To make it a bit clearer what I mean about filters.

Currently they look like this:

Lots and lots of clicking.

What I would like them to look like is something similar to this:

This is mouse hovering over Kingdoms.

And this is clicking on the kingdoms filter:

@Mad_Butch 's idea about the mana filter + the drop down lists. Plus I moved the reset filter button to a more obvious location.

Edited. Adding the mana filter pic here, so everything filters-related is in one place.

Also would be nice if the reset filters button could be available from the troop screen itself.
Edited: maybe like this

Edited again:
And while we’re on the subject can we please have 8 troops per screen like it used to be instead of 10? Ten troops make it impossible to read troop type from the troop window, the cards are too small. Have to click on each card to read it. :frowning:


WOW that is impressive idea. I am not sure how to capture it other than to reference it :slight_smile: Added a link to your post. Great design idea btw.


My Bad I thought I grabbed the new one - New List of Quality of Life Improvements


Thank you! :smiley:
The idea wasn’t mine tho. It was floating around and I was bored and played with it in photoshop :slight_smile:

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But to actually make sense how to make the dialogs work together, modality is a problem with moving sliders. But it clearly articulated how to make the most out of this and allow the PC to function without a lot of overhead for the other clients.


Also can we have the gold count back on the pre-battle screen? It is kinda relevant there (especially on lower levels)since one might spend gold on scouting.

No gold counter in the top left corner on PC. Inconvenient.


plus its nice knowing how many gold i have while pvp gold farming


PVP gold is still there. Upper Right corner on Casual as it always has been

PVP Ranked only has ever shown Gems.

Not sure where else you may be referring to in PVP for showing gold

Ranked PVP showed gold in the upper left corner where Versheenah has it circled. I’ve never played a single casual PVP match and I noticed the missing gold indicator immediately.


I believe they’re referring to the pre-battle screen, not the opponent selection one. Gems/Gold is visible when you’re selecting your opponent when it’s relevant to your re-rolling the selection, but in the pre-battle team selection screen where people without VIP3 have to scout to see the opponent’s team it is no longer visible.


Here’s a ranked pvp pre-battle screen on mobile

It shows total gold in the top left corner. This is v convenient.


Okay got it

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i dont see my gold in any pvp screen on PC anymore

doesnt mater enemy selection, or pre-battle


so im not following what upper rigfhtcorner of the screen you are talkig about?

obviously that gold in caual is missing too

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All ready added.

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When one sorts troops by amount and ascends a troop, the screen moves to the new location of the troop. Formerly, it stayed where it was. The latter is much more useful. After opening 20,000 keys, I had a lot of ascensions to do. My fingers hurt after all the clicking I had to do to go from the bottom of the troop list back up to the top of the troop list where the ascensions were occurring.

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