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Ubastet is broken- please nerf

Despite my best efforts, I have lost 2 battles against Ubatset. I had a Kraken with over 100 HP, but because Forest Troll was a potato, I died, and so did my poor little octopus companion. As such, I can only conclude that Ubastet is broken and needs to be nerfed ASAP.

Thank you for reading.

There is already a thread about this and i see you also commented so please don’t spam the forum with multiple threads

Also in this post you were against the nerf and gave people a solution, so make up your mind


Please put the brakes on the nerf train. New troops are released weekly.
Let’s wait and see what’s next.


2 battles…OMG the horror xD


This is a joke thread because of current events on my stream. On the bright side, I can confirm that Wisp/Wisp/Wisp/Leshy does not work. :smiley: Although I did win one match against the Ubastet team.

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When i suggested Leshy in another thread i was joking… Well, now if three more people mention it in future “Nerf this” threads then it’ll be official, i just created a meme.

OP: “I think it’s time to finally address troop __________, because let’s be honest, the meta was never worse tha this.”
Someone: “You just need to a fully traited Leshy, the battle will be easy!”

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