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Two Looking for a guild

My buddy are looking for an active guild with two open positions. Both of us have all kingdoms level 10, both of us are daily players. 1000-1500 seals weekly top standing with guild challenges regularly. Let our old guild because no one would promote us to dragon king do we could kick the inactives and grow the guild.
I am level 473, my buddy is level 727.

We are just looking for a good active guild that will make our play hours pay off more than it has been.

Message me or reply for our info, please only respond if you have two open spots and can take us both


I Currently don’t have any openings but that can change tomorrow or Sunday when Requirements are due. Feel free to check us out and let me know if you want spots in the fAWRmily if they open.
Here’s our server link: https://discord.gg/gnNBvdc
And our Recruiting thread: :gem_doomskull: Come join the fAWRmily! Rank 14ish, GW BR 1, 60+ LT weekly, 40k chests (Tuesdays), and 41 unique pets have already joined AWR. Why haven’t you? AWR 30/30, GNR 30/30, FTR 30/30, RAR 30/30

Just so you don’t get your hopes up too high, a guild can only have one guild leader. It’s somewhat unlikely that any guild you join will be able to give both of you the guild leader rank. :wink:

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I definitely missed that part. Thanks. Lol
Yeah all my guilds are ran by me ultimately… But those who are appointed Arch Daemons or Dragon king in each guild earn it with months if not years of trust being built. They don’t get recruited into the position.

i know of a guild that has 2 leader spots actually…theyre not fond of me though :confused:

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You’re welcome to check us out if you have Discord. We have 4 active guilds of various levels so we can figure out together where you best fit.

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We know, obviously we would prefer leadership, but building a guild is not working out so well, its hard scrape up members. So the next best thing is finding a better guild than we were in.

We’re a mixed level guild with upper level casual players happily providing resources to some eager lower level players. Our only requirement currently is active play and contribution to the guild in some way commensurate to level (ie, players requiring gold to level up kingdoms need only contribute seals, those of us with kingdoms maxed finish gold tasks.) No activity for two weeks without previous warning to Guild Master results in a kick. We are currently pruning out inactives and have multiple openings. Upper level daily players range from 1046, 780, 354, several quickly leveling 100+. To be completely transparent, we are a casual guild of active players looking to up level of play and returns just as you are, but it you’re looking for 40K seals weekly and high level guild wars competition we’re not your best fit. We were a closed guild of four for 3 years, opened to all levels about a month ago and are now looking to cut dead weight and bring in mid level players. We quickly promote active players, but intend to keep the guild fun and casual. Check out Spyro’s Army and let us know if you’re interested. Thanks and good luck with you Guild search.

Are you still looking

Yes if you have 2 spots

Sister David. Earth and Air has two spots for you and your buddy. Pm me and lets chat.