Trick or Treat has poorly designed upgrades

This describes a Design Bug with the new Trick or Treat craftable weapon.

Two of the upgrade abilities for this weapon are flawed: +1 Magic is useless for a weapon that doesn’t use Magic for any of its effects; turning the first enemy into a Toad is exactly the same problem as Essence of Evil (ie: casting on the first enemy doesn’t guarantee safety from skills via Entangle).

The Toad transformation from Essence of Evil perhaps makes sense. But having it on two weapons is really dumb. Or possibly lazy design.

Changing these two upgrades to literally anything else would be both easy and smart.


Weapons have poorly designed upgrades


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Aren’t they the exact same upgrades on both weapons?
I assumed they lazily copy and pasted the upgrades because 90% of creative is on PQ3 and 10% is on GoW.

And Salty was allegedly let go of the company for stating that wouldn’t happen… yet here we are.

It’s not that our parents are just paying too much attention to the new baby. It’s that they are forgetting to feed and clothe us entirely. And that’s not just lack of care but borderline neglect.

It’ll be ironic when GoW funds the development of PQ3. But then PQ3 causes it’s death in the long run.

You forgot to explain the game to the devs.

Magic is okay for an upgrade for EoE because it explodes gems based off amount of magic.

Trick or Treat (as explained in the OP) doesn’t benefit from magic since it doesn’t do any damage nor explode any gems.

And no I’m not just being cheeky. If you’re going to do half ass work that makes you look like an idiot then I’ll write my comments as if I’m addressing an idiot. :slightly_smiling_face:


The Toad thing is most annoying to me personally. Hexed is generally bad. But this time I knew and didn’t upgrade it.

It’s a bit sad that we’ve got some useless upgrades. Something more “trick and treat” would have been cool.

I don’t care about the magic boost, though could have simply been life. But Hexed? Hate it.

(Aight team just here to clear something up. I was in no capacity let go, or fired, or anything of that nature. In fact, I was promoted shortly before I chose to take a narrative role at another company. I left on good terms, and may one day come back. I love infinity+2 and everyone that works there. I am also happy in my new position, and am settling in well.

I hope you are all doing your best to look after yourselves and each other. Continue on with your day. :heart:)


In the past 12 days more Ex Developers have responded to this bug or sloppy upgrade design of a weapon than developers on the current payroll.

Usually Salty and I wouldn’t do the same things in life. But if my coworkers cared as much about their work and her former co-workers clearly do. I’d found a better opportunity else where as well.


All the best to you @Saltypatra. Thank you.

Dude, SERIOUSLY? She already had to come back specifically to address your unfounded “allegedly let go” comment above and now you’re doubling back down on speculation about her career path?

This is shitty behavior and I wish you’d let it go.

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Lol… No… Sorry that your perspective saw it as a dig on Salty.

I just found it sad that zero developers have acknowledged this issue besides her.

Even a simple “we’ll look into it” is better than just ignoring it completely.

Plus my comment was based off her response “dude”. She found a better job opportunity, and since Infinity Plus 2 has been a shit show since she’s left. It’s clear she could be working at McDonald’s right now and it would still be a better job opportunity than the one she left.

At least when McDonald’s franks up on an order. They make it right. So if I ordered an Arachnaean Weaver with fries and got a Big Mac with fries instead. They wouldn’t offer me a half priced Arachnaean Weaver instead and act like by ordering it with fries I should of known I would get a Big Mac instead because they made the rule up 3 years ago and didn’t tell anyone outside of their office about it.

The Arachnaean Weaver situation I will NOT let go. And it’ll bleed over into every where and any where until it actually gets solved. And until then I’m going to continue to shit on 505 Games or Infinity Plus 2 in any way I can because they crossed the line with it. (Keeping in mind I supported Infinity Plus 2 for almost a half decade now prior to this.)

So yeah. Do a better job. Be better at your jobs. Or your coworkers who are great at their jobs will find different jobs instead. :person_shrugging:


Yes, she did. And there is nothing in what she has said about it that suggests that she did so because of her co-workers. That’s pure speculation on your part.

Correct. And I described it as strictly my opinion and what I would do:

At the same time. It’s only speculation to say that lack of work performance from her coworkers wasn’t a factor in regards to her leaving the company.

Let’s be honest. Salty was the punching bag for what the programmers and designers did. And as much people may dismiss it as “her job”. Any Human could relate to how frustrating it is to be yelled at about things outside their control.

So if given the option to work at a job where you get yelled at daily by frustrated customers or working somewhere else… What would YOU choose?

I can’t disagree it’s speculation, but to me it’s more empathy than anything else.


It had chances to summon a Quasit, so magic needs to made him 20 lvl (in early stages of game, I mean)

Nice try.

Quasit will match whatever the max level of the player owned copy is. So at early game, capped at level 15 most likely.

So the upgrade still doesn’t make sense and is just a product of laziness/copy and paste.

I mean, devs may be kept in mind something, doing this . Comparing with new weapon Ocea’s Tome, which gives 3 magic, has static effect and summons nobody)