Traitstones for real $?

Does anybody know if they will ever consider making it where you can buy any traitstones in the game for real cash? If so what do you all think of that?

There’s traitstone bundle in the shop for real cash. This week is Yellow Arcane Pack for $34.99. It usually changes every week.

That I know, I’m saying any traitstone any time.

Not to my knowledge. Maybe put that suggestion on this thread : List of Quality of Life Improvements
It could be a good idea imo, for people who can’t afford time to explore but can afford to buy it with real money.


I don’t think is a good idea becasue it would ruin a good but challenging aspect of the game: explore. And would be too much not correct toward people who can’t spend money. But idk.

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But don’t they already “ruin” that aspect by providing in game purchases to begin with. Even weapon packs for $5, to bundles and keys and gems for real cash. So it’s already like that technically.

Next patch we get a new daily stone bundle for $1 a day x 30.

Yes frozen of course you can shop becasue is the way the devs pay the servers and their work. But one thing is to buy chest and key that you can easly take from guild or weapon you can no longer obtain. Or even random traitstone from the growth pack, becasue it maintains the randomness of the game. But if you can buy every single trait you want wherever you want it wouldn’t be too easy or incorret toward people who can’t afford to spend money? I don’t know if is clear.