Traitstone Farming

For the PC/Mobile crowd, I have an inquiry:

For example, If I fight in Adana, I get a random chance at a Minor, Major or Runic Fire/Air stone, Arcane Storm stone or a Celestial?


There is a nice list of the kingdoms here:


Assuming drop rates are the same there is a nice summery here:

Bookmarks ftw

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Last one from me, a breakdown of traits per troop per kingdom with summaries can be found here:


Thank you @Mufasha, everything I need.

I did a good job reading up on everything before the Update, nice to know I wasn’t mistaking things.


Hi everyone! I think there is a prob with farming traitstone: when I fight in a challenge in a kingdom, everythings fine. for ex in proudlands, I receive red traitstone. But when I invade in pvp a player that is in proudlands, Ive never got one red traitstone (sometimes blue, green or nothing). That doesnt make much sense for me. Is it deliberate? or a bug? or am I missing something?
Im playing on xbox one.

You were invading and their home kingdom was pridelands? Or were you invading lets say broken spire and your home kingdom is pridelands?

Their home kingdoms were proudlands but mine too.

If the system is modeled after mobile this is a glitch. @Mr.Strange?

Hi everyone! a little question about the arcane traitstone: i need the swamp one that is related to Maugrim woods. Does it have a better drop % when doing a challenge in maugrim woods or any kingdoms have same drop % ?

General consensus is 1.95% drop rate for all arcane traitstones. That’s challenges, PVP, and Arena. Good luck.

I don’t know if it’s different for consoles.

Thank you. well I was hoping that the kingdom where belong the arcane traitstone would offer a better chance than other kingdoms. Would have make sense… will be hard to get.

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you can only get 1 arcane stone type from each location.

post number 41 will let you know which arcanes are where

Unfortunately for us, poor consoles users, this list work only for PC/mobile I think. I got the venom arcane after invading Khetar and not zhulkari. Farming traitstones with pvp have definately issues on consoles. Dont know if challenges also have issues for arcane trait. Perhaps your guide will work with challenges. At least I receive red trait in pridelands each time while doing challenges. The pvp is another story…

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That list is perfectly accurate as far as Challenges go, but Invading seems to be broken for this. All the Arcane Stones i have gotten in Challenges were from the appropriate Kingdom.

Thanxs for confirmation. Its clear now that challenges work fine and pvp is broken. I would have prefered the opposite! lol

So, on console, traitstone drops are tied to kingdom for challenge & quests.

But they are NOT tied to kingdom for PvP battles. You essentially just get random drops.

In my opinion, hitting “new opponent” 10 times, or 20 times, in order to get the kingdom you want, is unfun. PvP should be about the teams you are facing, not anything else. When home kingdom also set your mana bonus, you could see by the home kingdom what sort of troops they might be using. But now that home kingdom & banners are distinct, there is really no interesting strategy there.

The reward for PvP is the glory, the rank, and the complex & sophisticated defense teams people set up. I think that thinking of it as a source for traitstone farming is not the mindset we want to encourage.


Yup, I only Invade based on Gold and what Team I am facing. If I want Traitstones, I farm by doing Challenges in that Kingdom.

I absolutely agree. I don’t see much value in the way the PC/mobile version is set up regarding rewards for invasions. The fact that we fought at XYZ location has no other bearing on the fight whatsoever, so why would it matter where we fought? Unless I can somehow filter to where I want to fight (which is essentially what I’m doing when skipping fights), there’s no point. And skipping fights, and the long animation associated with it, is not exactly compelling gameplay. Kudos to the console team on this.

Well, lets not forget about getting able to go for trait stones you want via defend and what kingdom you have selected.

To be fair, SO MANY trait stones are required and are SO HARD to get, having every opportunity to get the ones you want skid be available.