Top 25 Doom team recruiting

xl Golden Gunners lx complete all events and legendary task. All we ask is 300k gold, 1.5k seals, 150 trophies. Participation in all events is required. Minimum level is set at 500, need more info contact me

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Come check us out!

We get all the rewards, you should too. Join now only 1 spot left

1 spot open at the moment, dont miss your chance to get on board a quickly rising guild

2 spots just come available, now up to league rank 82. Completed invasion with couple days spare

Currently ranked 30th in doim event, league rank is 81

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Got a couple spots open

Finished last tower of doom event 28th with 3 empty seats. Looking to add a few more active members to fill up the guild. Currently 77th in league rank, on to legendary tasks by tuesday latest, complete all events. Hit me up on xbox Laldogg

Now ranked 76th, pushing for top 25 in doom event, we have 4 open spots, wont be open for long so come now