ToD Scroll Drop Rates


Wow jackpot

4 luck
2 fireball
6 heroism


Btw i hope they will use them cause you can’t keep it for next event


i am excited to see them finish 25 floors so i can add this unusual data set to the Average and STD statistics


I love your enthusiasm for statistics :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


I’ll post what I have for our Guild at the end of the event – a few gaps, but mostly filled in.

But here’s some extra stuff to keep in mind:

  1. I heard that every Guild has the same four scrolls on floor n, they’re just arranged randomly. If that’s true (and you’ll be in a position to tell), then you have great stats just from one full set of floor data.

  2. I also have a full set of room data for each floor, and I’ve noticed that the same combinations of 4 battles keep cropping up. I’d be interested to know if there’s a pattern to this, and especially if one-room deviations from the norm are programmed in or indicate a special Scroll.


Hi starlite.

  1. This is False. I also heard tacet say this. Not sure where that info came from originally.

  2. Intresting. I have several guilds whole floor layout. Ill look again, but so far it seems random. Some scrolls have high drop rates that could make it seem this way.


It’s likely you can’t tell anything about Scrolls, but it would still be interesting to know that they’ve specified a limited number of groupings of 4 rooms.


now we are getting somewhere. 11 complete guilds and 16 total data sets


After floor 25 you keep fighting same enemy in the same room and the boss give random boons instead of forge scroll


I Just completed Floor 38 TOD. The Heroism scroll dropped in the green room. Sucks to be us. Any oother guilds made it this far?


We are on 35 atm. We have had:

2 Luck
2 Fireball
1 Power
1 Heroism

Since level 25. 0 Fireball and 0 Power before lol


P, Ours is located on floor 38. Looks like The Guild Of Thieves get hooped again. We are still on top, and will be here for a long time.


Are Heroism, luck, or Fireballs considered boons?
We are on Floor 54 and had a Doom that gave a heroism scroll.


We had a Doom drop a Fireball for us as well


Cool cool. Wondering if that goes towards the boon count.
I think only Attack, Armor, Life, Magic and Power are considered Boons. But I could be wrong.


I believe they are the only 1s considered boons.

I think what people are meant to say, is that Dooms drop a random scroll, as boons are still considered scrolls.


Yeah sorry for confusion i ment after floor 25 you get random scroll exept forge for defeating boss


finally got to input the data for the guild with 6 heroism. this is really interesting because the STD for Heroism is larger than the average. making Heroism a real wild card. yet luck has the smallest STD and stable drop rate of 5-7 scrolls. …hmmm

this is telling me that the Devs might have put in another variable other than % drop rate. looking at STD/DRC to kind of get a judge on drop rate stability. i can see that Luck is actually the most stable drop and Heroism is by far the most unstable. i would expect to see 1:1/linear pairing of Drop rate and DR-stability if DR was the only variable used to determine a room’s scroll. however, Luck and actually Haste are outliers here in this way. it could very well be that crazy RNG just dropped 6 Heroism scrolls for a guild because this fits in line with DR-stability vs other scrolls.

these results are actually “good” for the community. because having a very stable drop rate on Luck scrolls would allow more competition in the LB. according to this data it is possible to have a guild with only 4 Luck scrolls in the first 25 floors, and with another guild getting 7; this is a delta of 90 doom points. if scrolls were found purely on a DR basis then we should be seeing a larger STD on luck with basically 2-8 Luck scrolls being common. creating a much larger bias and bad RNG to compete on the LB.

more data will make things clearer…send me your data :smiley:

this all being said. it is very very clear to me that the LB rewards are absolutely not worth it for the time, effort, and gems required. i would suggest that guilds play the event smart(use your scouts and spreadsheets) don’t buy more than T4 weapon in the shop(unless you must have all weapon upgrades), complete out the event and call it a week. players that must have all weapon upgrades should go up to floor 25 of course for forge scrolls.


to get really good confidence i would love to see complete data from 33 guilds. if not ill just wait for another month…:frowning:


imo to make this event as fair as possible i would like to see the same pre-determined quantity of each scroll appear in the first 25 floors for every guild, in a random order of course. or better yet in each set of, lets say 5 floors.(i meant floors)


Random, but same amount would be best imo.

If you have it in sets of 5, you can predict, with reasonable certainty after awhile what is where, based on the layout of a few rooms.