Tired of losing because of shared team slots

It would be so helpful to have different slots for PvP attack and Explore, just like there is a different active slot for PvP defend.

You’re playing explore mindlessly and the PvP notification comes up. You click on the PvP exclamation point instinctively. Bam! You’re in PvP mode. You click on match and now you have your explore team in PvP. Oops here comes a hard battle, or likely a loss.

I’m 145-3 and while that might sound decent, it should be 144-2. This week I made it to Thursday before it happened, but it happens almost every week.

Also, It would be so nice to stay in explore like you do PvP. Explore could really be streamlined by that simple change.

OK trolls can now proceed to call me an idiot for not paying attention.


I’m glad you can acknowledge that fact you don’t pay attention!
Not many people admit that.

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I’m pretty sure this is on the Quality of Life improvement list, so you’re not the first person to ask for it.

It is #32 under the “general” category.


(Xbox player)
You won’t stand alone in admitting this mistake. I have done it a few times over, and I do not have the notifications you speak of. I simply switch game modes and go personal bonehead mode when I see an easy 3 trophy take-down, and double tap that fight button and forget my current team is not who I was P0wning with previously. (sure, Valk, 3x Warlock is going to take down EK TDS Mab teams… glad this Epic loss wont broadcast to my whole guild!)

"Also, It would be so nice to stay in explore like you do PvP. "
I don’t know about pc/mob, but on my end, PVP is the ONLY mode you stay in other than Arena. Quests, Challenge, Treasure map all kick you back to main map and you consciously have to choose the next battle.

Could it be streamlined a little? Yes.
So, and, … not trolling you or calling names… if you did it more than a couple times and to post that it’s a problem for you (and even admit in your own post it’s an attention issue for yourself), you kind of do need to pay attention to what you’re clicking, and it’s not the game’s fault.

The game doesn’t need to be fixed, it’s your own behavior which can be fixed simply that you just acknowledged it and you know to slow down and watch what you click in the future. Once again, please don’t take that as personal, I get click happy too. You’re not alone… other than asking the game be fixed instead of you. lol.

Quality of Life… you mean “everyone wins every battle they play and no one ever loses and everyone gets all the resources they need to level up to win more”?

It’s been requested so many times. Someday maybe!

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No, I mean minor improvements to the interface and game experience that have nothing to do with game balance. If I’m not clear, please have a look at the thread.


Crap. Did it again watching TV. Doh! 2 out of 5 losses now. I was paying so little attention that my explore team won a match first before I noticed on the second one where it lost.

My two year old climbing on me probably doesn’t help.

It’s about the best I can do with my hectic life. I’m sure I’m not alone.

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User interface design can make a difference. I was explaining one use case where someone would have the wrong team selected. On PC or phone we get notifications and the interface trains you to click on it. That’s part of why this happens while exploring. Game elements like that are meant to stimulate you and propel you to action.

You can blame my behavior, but this is a fixable problem and one that people will encounter for a variety of reasons. That’s like saying user interface design is pointless.

On high budget games, developers use play testers and things called heat maps that show where players get killed or confused to improve the UI and/or gameplay and avoid common issues.

Even for the novel I’m working on, The Internet President: None of the Above, it’s important to have people read it and give feedback on what they found confusing. You don’t say stupid reader, it’s so obvious. You fix the book to make it clearer.

The devs and support staff on this game are top notch. I know from experience that they must have a huge backlog filled with user stories (agile software way of saying tasks to implement).

I use self-deprecating examples here, but I’m not a noobie. I’m a software developer for a gaming company.

None of the Above

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