The "redesign" of the cards is staggeringly atrocious

I don’t mind this, but I don’t like how it artificially prioritizes Blue and Green over the other 4 colors (aka. canonical color ordering), independent of whether that is actually the best color for that Troop to match (e.g. Basilisk = Blue+Brown - Blue mana numbers - Brown passive trait).

Also delves looked like this now the cards since the new patch.

instead of this

So the main card is missing gold, souls and or glory.

devle wrong

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Overreacting? Love that you think since it doesn’t bother you, that everyone else is overreacting.

I’ve quit my guild and on the verge of just not logging in at all. DAILY player for 6+ years.

It gives me an absolute headache to play more than 15 minutes on battles I actually need stats and to pay attention to.

Hope you have fun with the new players the design brings in and don’t have to worry about the players who stuck with this game for YEARS.


My only real problem is seeing the stats in battle. With the smaller text and colors often against like colored backgrounds it makes it hard to see, which causes eye strain.

I think swapping the positions on the trait symbols and the stats, so the stats could be against an extended bottom grey bar, would make them much easier to read. Then also make the mana count numbers while for the same reason (maybe put them back inside the circle too, I don’t know). That would leave the same basic aesthetics in place but with the stats readable again.

I think the card layout in the collection page is fine by the way, since you can click on it to see a larger image and the text is always white there.

Example - I did this half-assed in MS Paint in about 10 minutes, not to be polished but just to illustrate the point. Moving a few elements around, and making the text a little larger against a grey background would go a long way…



I would put attack to the left but otherwise yes, that would already be so much better.

They could also bring back trait symbols - ditching those didn’t really make any sense in the first place.

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