The Fury Road

I don’t know, that feels like a pretty convoluted way to make money, they could just raise the score required to unlock rewards instead. Somebody probably just thinks players love to hunt for wolf anuses at 3.1415 points a piece, multiplied by the current moon phase. Unfortunately, that somebody seems to either be entirely immune to feedback or locked up well enough to never receive any. On the bright side, at least trophies are called trophies each week, and their value never changes.


I have just burst out laughing reading this. You should see me trying to figure it out before the official scoring gets posted at midnight, sometimes I reach a similar conclusion that it can only be some deep form of witchcraft to determine the scoring.


I laughed harder at that than I should have :joy:

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Thats easy since there are only 8 phases of moon and tonight is The Waning Gibbous, the sixth cycle so 3.1415 times 6 equals 18.849. So, it is 18.849 points for each wolf anuses. :wink:

For people who are curious about moon cycles:

  1. New moon
  2. The waxing crescent
  3. The first quarter
  4. The waxing gibbous
  5. The full moon
  6. The waning gibbous
  7. The last quarter
  8. The waning crescent

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We have a contender for best comment of the year right here lol


Anyways. Are we going to get guild based leaderboard any time? Like the bug for couple first world events? I would like that. More in-guild stuff to do and to compete in. There was supposed to be “different” styles of WE. Now is just the same, with different wolf anuses (anusi?) every week.


This tab will show the scores of everyone in the guild. It obviously won’t give rewards based on performance in guild though, as giving rewards to people in every single guild would not be great for the economy. It does serve as a leaderboard to compete against other guildmates.

As English is not my first language i am really struggling to read your sentence. Would is be possible to break it into smaller sentences? Maybe with few punctation marks in between?

What i am after is Tower of Doom type leaderboard. Where guilds battle against each other for the glory of tops spots. I think two first World Events had a bug where the leaderboard was guild based for couple hours. And it was quickly fixed. I would think this sort of change would bring more variety in the event and make guild interaction more fun.

Go to the world event and look at the tab shown.

This tab shows all members of the guild and their points to compete against each other within the guild. The tab after it named leaderboard is a personal score competing against all other players in all guilds.

Not sure exactly what else you are looking for. The all player leaderboard gives some weak rewards. The guild only scores do not grant any rewards as it would be too much to give some members of every guild a reward. Also players could just find ways to abuse that system.

He means a leaderboard (last tab) with the total scores of all guilds instead all players (on the system). Like Tower of Doom, like they announced it at the beginning of the world events, but since day 1 it was allways just a players leaderboard: