TDS to mythic pros cons?

Do I really need more than one? Or should I just ascend and only have one mythic one? Yeh I have 6 Ls.

Ascend it brudda i never use more than one on any team

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Personally I’d make 1 mythic and be happy I don’t have any teams that use more than 1 although i’m sure many do. Depends on if you have a team you play that has more than one I’d think to be the deciding factor in your case…

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Pros: Gain a very small amount of defensive stats, maybe one more explosion depending on where your kingdom bonuses. I don’t think I’ve ever needed more than one to make a team “work”.
Cons: Ascending it to mythic doesn’t really do much. Mana generation is roughly the same even if you get an extra explosion (where the explosions hit and subsequent cascades matter far more in determining how much mana is generated), and damage is exactly the same.

(You need 6 copies, or 5 extra legendaries to ascend it, though, 5 isnt enough).

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In terms of, “how much Mana will that one extra explosion generate, anyway?” I ran a simulation a long time ago that might be of use.


And for anyone interested in the math that supports these empirical findings, for a number of explosions n, the expected gems exploded, g(n), is as follows:

g(n) = 36*(1-(55/64)n) + 24*(1-(29/32)n) + 4*(1-(15/16)n)

And Mana gain is 70% of that, or:
m(n) = 0.7 * g(n)

In Google graph form!


Thank you all. I have never used more than one except for chips and giggles.

I don’t think you’ll ever need more than 2 copies of the troop.
If you upgrade it - more HP and Armor is always nice.

If you keep 4 of them … Well … You can troll people in PvP and see how many times will it respawn. My record has been 7 per game :sweat_smile:

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