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Statistics on Farming Traitstones


Does anyone have statistics for farming arcane traitstones on console?

I’ve been farming for over 4-5 hours with a team (bombats) that completes each match in under 20-30 seconds on average… not a single arcane traitstone.

Is this normal for console? At least I gained six levels…

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When you say you are farming, are you using explore mode?

The odds of getting an Arcane in explore are about 1 in 17, but due to luck, you can go a long time without getting one. Odds of getting an arcane in any other mode is 1/3 of the Explore odds, so significantly more likely to go a long stretch without one.

If you went 4 straight hours, even at 1 minute per match, without a single Arcane, that would be some epic bad luck, though I’ve gone at least 2 or 3 hours (over several days) without getting one. I also got 3 arcanes in 4 matches once last week.

Something’s not quite right.

I’ll take your average numbers at face value: 25 seconds per match for 4.5 hours. Assuming a lot of loading time between games, I’ll round it WAY UP to 45 seconds per game, or 80 Explorers per hour. So that’s 360 Explore battles without a single Arcane Traitstone?

Please take a quick video of it with special focus on the pre battle selection screen.


Yes, I was testing explore mode. I did get a celestial traitstone somewhere between the second and third hour.

A few minutes after making this forum topic I received an arcane traitstone.

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You should have asked earlier. That’s the way it always works. My 3 in 4 happened about five minutes after I told my wife I hadn’t gotten an Arcane in days…

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Hi Stan,

The number that you gave me:

Is this an officially documented number? Or is this derived from player testing?



It is derived from player testing on some large sample sizes. I’ll see if I can find the thread.

I think it’s derived from a testing on about 3500 explore battles. As far as devs revealed, I think they stated that it should be one about every 20 battles (on average of course)

This seems to be the last word on the subject. Before Explore mode, accepted wisdom was that an Arcane would drop about 2% of the time, and with the Explore multiplier, that was modified to 6%. Sirrian himself commented on the original poster’s sample, which supports that this number is at least in the ballpark.

Just got two arcane plains in divinion fields in three goes, had 15 goes before that mind!

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Hey, that’s where I am farming! I guess you pulled a Dracos 1337 and are trying to trait him too.

I’ll trade you 1 maw for 3 Arcane Plain Traitstones.
Deal? Or no deal?

My current personally recorded numbers for Arcanes from Explore are 154 stones out of 2648 battles total (I hit a stretch of terrible luck for a time, enough to skew the final percentage a bit even over the huge amount of battles). Currently just over 5.7%, and trending upward over the last 10 stones. 6% seems in the ballpark. I believe @Rasper had some data as well.

Devs have never come out and stated the drop rate (also stating they never would give specifics), but there was one comment by Sirrian in the linked thread that the numbers in the original post (3.68% drop rate for arcanes) were “unusually low”.

All this is, of course, on PC/Mobile. The drop rates should be the same on console, but I have no way to verify or test that.


You can add my 52 in 908.

That is 206 in 3556, which is 5.8% or roughly 1 in 17