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Starting players guide - Update for version 4.7.5

Still, the biggest road block is lvl 12 (lvl 20 pet)

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Could you please add on page 14 in section “10. Game Modes and Events” reasonable amount of turns for Treasure Hunt? It’s about 60-100, everything more than this is rather waste of time.

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Probably we will review the guide to update it to patch 4.6

Thx to all who downloaded it and write us with suggestions and details to make it better!

Morning everybody!
Last day of the year and new updated version of the guide for the 4.7 patch.

Thx to everyone who contributed to it.


Thank you MK. My technical skills are limited to clicking one gem and moving to another… and even that proves difficult sometimes. :smiley:

Morning and happy 2020!

There was an error with the sharing right for the teams spreadsheet. Now it should be ok, the link is the same so if you tried to open it and you got a request for an access permission you can re-try and you should be able to access it.

I ask you all to try that link and let me know if it is now working.

Guide updated:

  • added info for troop roles
  • added info for delves color restriction, weapons and useful weapons
  • addes extra for guild events checkpoints
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Update for version 4.7.5

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This is extremely helpful for new players. It’s kind of amazing how the intro document for our pokey little F2P game needs 53 pages (admittedly, with an awesome number of pictures to make things clear for the target audience).

Edit for a typo: “more on these weapons can be found in part 6” is a line in part 6 of the guide. Weapons are later (part 7, I think).

I have been playing this game for a while now. I wish I knew about this guide when I started! However, I still learned something new from this guide. Thank you very much for creating it and keeping it up to date!