Stag Party

Is this intended, a glitch, or a bug? Thankfully, I’m in a Xbox guild that doesn’t require event participation.

Damn things bouncing around while I try to read and click them are annoying, and make my eyes/head hurt. There’s a reason I play Tanks and not Fortnite. And this event…I just click the first wiggler and try not to focus on the screen too much.

Thanks. /sarcasm

These are thrown from the Rift, as some daemon presence there made everything messed up on the other side of Rift too

I reported it the first time it started occurring and they confirmed it was unintended, sort of.

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We’ve given feedback about this issue, sorry it’s happening again.

Some map locations are hard to find places where the battle icons won’t bump into each other repeatedly I think it may be more prevalent on some screen resolutions than others.

We’ve passed on feedback about how annoying it is and if there’s any way to avoid it entirely.

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To be fair, we did ask for some more wiggle room when world events first came out.


Why not just spread them out more?
Or remove redundancies?

Such as why do I have 3 of the same rarity and same level? I believe it’s because some the troops are different in all 3. But the only time I’ve personally cared to look at the differences is due to a campaign task wanting me to kill blue troops.
Otherwise it’s been an unnecessary feature.
Where as bouncing images can get old real quick.


For anyone wondering how the medals calculate damage, look no further than King Bloodwood. He steals 10 life from all enemies. Wait, 10 life? I meant 58. Because when you have 3 Medals that each increase spell damage done, they’re added up together.

(160% + 160% + 160%) = (480 / 100) = (4.8 + 1) * 10 = 58

I think it’s great that his life steal is treated as spell damage, even though it’s a fixed amount that doesn’t change with Magic.

So to find out the damage you’re dealing with any troop, just add up your medals, add 1 (or 100%, for the base), and multiply by the damage being dealt. This happens after any boosts too.

For instance, Sylvanimora deals Magic + 3 damage to all enemies. In my current match, that’s 48 damage. That means he’ll deal 278 damage to each enemy. What if I were to drop a medal and put on a Nysha instead? Well, it would be 52 * 4.2 = 218. What if I only have two medals and a badge though?

Then instead of (1.63)+1 it would be ((1.62)+0.4)+1 = 4.6 multiplier, times 48 damage is 220. That’s still slightly better than equipping a nysha., but better overall because, in my case, I’m using the Dragonguard class, so my Sylvanimora gains magic on 4+ matches, and every point of magic is increased by that additional 40% (or 160% in my case).

That’s one of the reasons the devs probably decided on 40% and 160% – they had to make the percentages high enough that they were better than just using Medals of Nysha, or any combination.


I looked no further than the description on the medal. :grin:

after whole week has finished, tier 0 looks like: 64 battles and 807 points total