Spell boost effects

A few times I have been confused about how spell boost effects are calculated. Perhaps I am misunderstanding something.

An opponent Sylph is about to attack my team. The spell description says it is boosted by Brown enemies. The Boost Ratio is shown as x10. I have one brown team member (Goblin Bomber, which is red/brown), so I would expect the boost to be 1 x 10 = 10. But the Boost is shown as +20. How is the +20 calculated?


Could it be that where it says “Boost: +20” it’s not showing the amount of the boost, but the total boosted attack?
i.e. Sylph’s base attack = 10
boost = brown enemies 1 x 10 = 10
boosted attack = base attack + boost = 20 (but the text description is wrong and is calling this the boost?)

Boosted by brown enemies - not teammates.

The Sylph is attacking me. Its enemies are my teammates.

What’s your full team composition?

A few Troops actually DO have problems with their Boost Ratio calculations but (as far as I know) Sylph isn’t one of them.

I had:
Warhawk (red)
Goblin Bomber (red/brown)
Falconer (green/yellow)
Monkey Disciple (blue/green)

Opponent had:
Sylph (yellow/purple)
(the rest of the opponent’s team had already been killed)

Okay, I think I know what’s going on.

I assembled a quick test team of:

  • Borealis, Heronath, Sylph, The Great Wyrm

Vs. a random Suncrest Explore team of:

  • Totec, Harpy Eagle, Harpy Mage, Stormsinger

Sylph’s Boost Ratio of “10x” shows an estimate of +67.

So … obviously something else must be going on because (a) it’s greater than the implied cap of +40 (at 4 Brown Enemies), and (b) it’s not even an integer multiple of the stated Boost Ratio!

Looks like Sylph’s boost calculation includes not just the Brown Enemies as expected, but also Sylph’s own Attack stat (which in my case was 57,so 57+10 = 67).

Yes, that was my suspicion.
So it’s not the “Boost” that is being displayed on screen, but the “Boosted attack”.

I reported it as a bug.

Sylph “Feather Frenzy” Boost amount incorrectly displayed - Bug Reports - Gems of War | Forums

@Stratelier, I haven’t yet unlocked the Sylph as a troop, and I’m not sure when I’ll next encounter one in battle. If you have a better screenshot than the one I took, please feel welcome to add it to that bug report. :slight_smile:

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