Some simple improvements to the gameplay suggestions


This is my first time here and also first post. Looks like a nice community !

Okay, here are my suggestions to make the gameplay more enjoyable.


  • Show / filter all troops ready to be ascend.
  • Instant “ascend” button (instead of clicking 24 times in a row for example).


  • Show if the are any “challenges” left to do on each kingdom.
  • Add a souls counter at the top along with the glory/gold/gems ones.


  • Auto claim seals option.


  • Remove “select an enemy” when there is only one enemy left to kill (obviously we will have to choose it)

That’s all ! If I think of other improvements, I will posting them in that thread.
Thanks for reading and I hope you will be able to add some of these in the future updates !


I had to double take because you’re profile pic is the very similar to @Nimhain (a dev).

Good suggestions. Might I suggest taking a look at the MEGA thread here:

And when I say mega I mean MEGA. Took me a long time to read through.

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Oh I am sorry for having a similar avatar but I just love Bonnie Rose lol, she’s making me win battles very often :wink: she pounds very hard when 100 gold is reached hehehe !

Oh yes, I am reading at the MEGA thread, some of my ideas are also there.

Thanks !

No apology necessary. The thought of Nim making a first post just gave me a chuckle. :laughing: Bonnie Rose is bada-:money_mouth: and worthy of lots of avatars!

Welcome, enjoy, and thanks for contributing!



Annnnndddd… @Nimhain has already changed her avatar, making me look silly again. Makes sense though, with the new kingdom fast approaching! Yay!


Haha !! :laughing:

Yes she is my favorite troop along with Valkyrie to help her (you know, female solidarity hee hee ), they work as teammates

Thanks for the welcome !

Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Bonnie Rose is pretty cool, but not the strongest troop around… you use her with troops that give gold? Alchemist would be a good bet - and powers yellows for Valkyrie too.

Thanks Jainus

Seems like a good idea but I would have to left one troop that does damage with mana.

For now , my main setup is

1- Goblin lvl 19, all traits and instant full mana with 3 greens
2- Bonnie Rose lvl 19 , two traits
3- Grave Knight lvl 18, all traits
4- Valkyrie lvl 19, all traits

Green banner for max green Goblin, also I am using Goblin for th extra gold so Bonnie buildup strength faster :slight_smile:

Cheers !

Hey @MolsonDry, not sure if you’re already aware but if you sort troops by “upgradeable” it will put any troop ready to ascend right at the top (followed by those that are ready for trait upgrades).

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@Dddd oh ok, i didn’t noticed , thanks for the tips !!!