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Some Really Funny Jokes I Invented

Hello everyone.

In America we have what’s called a ‘Knock Knock’ joke. I think we invented this, so I will explain it in case you have not heard of it. I know the name is super crazy but give it a chance, and I think it will quickly become a type of joke you like to tell when you are at the beach with your friends.

A ‘Knock Knock’ joke is always a short story about two people. Here is how the joke unfolds, and using this template you can invent your own joke. Seriously, you don’t have to be a professional comedian or anything for this type of joke.

  1. One person knocks at the door by saying “Knock Knock.”
  2. The other person is assumed to be at home because it would be a short sad story if no one answered. So the other person says, “Who is there?” because they don’t have a peep hole or a webcam outside or anything like that, and they are concerned about opening the door without knowing who it is. It is normally agreed upon that the second person lives in a bad neighborhood so they really want to find out who it is before just opening the door.

Okay those two steps ALWAYS happen like that so don’t go crazy and change them. If you change them your joke will probably be bad and not funny.

  1. The first person says their first name.
  2. The second person asks their full name since they might know quite a few people with that name.
  3. Okay get ready. The first person when saying their full name is actually joking around and makes up a funny pun and the second person is delighted that it is not a murderer.

I will tell you an old well-known ‘Knock Knock’ joke to get you ready for my new jokes:
Knock knock.
Who is there?
Dwayne who?
Dwayne the bathtub, I’m dwowning.

Okay in that example the person is mispronouncing ‘drain’ as their first name which is really funny and crazy. Then they mispronounce their last name, too!!! When taken all together it’s really a hilarious situation, even in light of the second person being in mortal peril. We hope he gets help in time, that’s all I know!

Okay here are some Gems of War Knock Knocks:

Knock knock.
Who is there.
Emperor Who?
Emperor Ubastet!!!

That joke is super good because you probably thought it might be Emperor Khorvash because you didn’t remember that Ubastet is an honorary Emperor of the Raksha people.

Let’s do another.

Knock knock.
Who is there?
Mang who?
Listen, Mang is my whole name, okay?

HA HA HA, that’s so true! Mang is a weapon in the game with no last name!!! It couldn’t have said one even if it wanted to, and really a weapon is at your door??? I don’t think so.

One more, okay?

Knock Knock.
Who is there?
GemMakin who?
GemMakin me wait at this door when you know we are both in the guild GemMakin Bobsled Team, so open up and let’s have a fun party.

Whew, that last one had me splitting my sides. I don’t think I can continue. I might come back later because I thought of a lot of these. Have a good night, and I like you a lot.

(Editor’s Note: the first two jokes were indeed funny, but did not properly follow the established ‘Knock Knock’ joke formula. We are very sorry.)


Okay, who gave sugar to Zepp again…?


Wake me up when there is a GOOD joke.

I love knock knock jokes. I’ve heard some great ones, but I forget how they go. I can’t remember as they don’t quite ring a bell.


HAHAHAHAHA!!! :joy: :rofl:

You are a pioneer in the art of joke-making, my friend! My favourite part of the joke is when the person (or WEAPON!!! :laughing: HAH!) knocking makes a funny pun instead of saying their last name. So unexpected!!! Emperor Ubastet :joy: hahaha!

Let me try - although I’m not American, so maybe I won’t get it properly. I do hope I can tell one of these to all my friends at our famous Australian beaches, though!

Knock knock.
Please tell me, who is it?
It’s Zepp.
I don’t know anyone called Zepp, sorry.
No, it’s Zepp, from your guild, you kno-
Leaf me alone, or I’m calling the police!


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Honestly I find the way you put that quite rude. While explaining the joke may negatively affect the turnout of the joke, for those unfamiliar with the structure of said joke, it could be helpful. While they didn’t hit my funny bone, you could be constructive.

On a side note, given your often “creative” and “numerous” threads, perhaps you should not throw stones lest you break your glass house


11/10. I wish I had thought of this one. :frowning:

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I know a good joke but call outs are not allowed :-1: :joy:

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Knock knock
Who’s there?
Adana who?
A da nat like these jokes


Knock knock
Who’s there
Aziris who?
Azirisly annoying joke thread


Knock knock
Who’s there
Jack the killer
Jack who?
Your saviour,come…

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