Some people have all the luck

Just faced a level 87 in PvP that was using Infernal King, Kerberos, and Pharos-Ra on his team.

I’ll take a little bit of that RNG luck if you have some to spare, sir!

I’m still looking for my first good Legendary to use. I have gorgotha, but won’t have his third trait to make him a tank anytime soon. I also have Bone Dragon, but at level 60 something, I feel like it’s too early for him to be effective. I am waiting for heavily armored teams to start showing up.

“I make my own luck” - Shay Patrick Cormac

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I’d say you have pretty decent luck with Legendaries, honestly. I understand the frustration, but those two are really strong later on, and you lucked out in getting them at all. For every one like you, there’s two or three who get Goblin King or Gar’Nok as their first Legendaries.


Agreed. My first legendary was a crappy Winter Imp. And then I didn’t get one for months after that. When I finally did, it was another lame-ass like Bunni Nog or something. OP got two amazing troops very early on. I see no need to cry about that at all!

I am almost level 600 and still don’t have Gorgotha or Pharos-Ra, grrr. Plus a few others. Lucky indeed :blush:

I didnt get Gorgotha until leve 700 or so, and still do not have Pharos-Ra at level 846.

OP has been lucky

Okay, okay. So I guess I have my own bit of luck. I’m just already gearing up for late game I guess.:slight_smile:

I guess I was being a little greedy, looking for an early Dragon Souls or something of that sort.

Who should I look to trait first between gorgotha and BD? With the amount of posts about BD on this forum, I figure that’s the better choice of the two.

Gorgotha’s last trait is much more important than any on Bone Dragon.


First and second, please.

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Speaking purely early game vs end game. I would probably tell you that you are better off with Gorgotha’s third trait now. You’ll get more play with him from beginning to end, BUT once you achieve end game, Bone Dragon is far and away a dominant troop.

So ultimately it depends on your play style. If you want instant gratification now, trait Gorg and be unstoppable. Or if you are playing the long game, trait BD first. And know that when the time comes…
:thinking: WAIT HOLD ON…
:confounded: SON OF A…
:unamused: … nevermind


Also, keep in mind that luck is…well, luck. I didn’t get anything good for MONTHS on end. Slogged through levels 1-250 without any legendaries and was forced into using slow stuff like Rock Worm teams. I was nearly ready to just quit the game and then…

Mab happened. :slight_smile: I was lucky enough to get her first day. She literally kept me in the game. After I got my second not much later, the game became a breeze and fun again. Since then, my luck has been exponentially better, while the past few months have been ridiculously lucky. I got Ra from like 10 guild seals. Last legendary? ONE glory chest. Our guild got Death from Legendary Task. Wulf took me like 20 glory. Got Draak from first 20 gem keys. Got 2 Krys dragons with something like 10 seals and 10 glory. And on, and on…

That said, I’m probably due for a luck swing, so it’s a good thing that I’m a hoarder. :wink:

Everyone’s day will come…or go. Some will win, some will lose, some are born to sing the blues…


I’m glad your luck turned around!

There are lots and lots of pleasurable, rewarding, and efficient PvP teams you can build with ordinary un-Traited cards if you enjoy the deck building aspect of the game. Peeps here are scary good at this aspect just ask around and you’ll get good ideas, I feel :slight_smile:


I do enjoy deck building. One of my favorite aspects of the game so far is learning what each character can do. Still have to look at each character’s traits because I’m just now starting to come across more and more traited characters in PvP.

I figure I will get more into characters and different builds in a month or so. Right now, at level 66, I have plenty within the game to be doing, outside of PvP (after I get up to Tier 1, of course).


I got several copies of both Abhorath and Gar’Nok before I got any other legendaries.

Ok, full disclosure, my first card above epic was a mythic, Death. I got him out of a gem chest. I was level 33 at the time. My first ‘Legendary’ was Khorvash at level 44. That was a harrowing time as I didn’t know what to do with those cards. Now I’m around 170-80s in level. Khorvash, I’ve learnt how to use. Death, let’s just say I still have trouble using him. So don’t worry. You’ll get a good legendary which can be used

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