Shards of Acclaim is recruiting! Easy reqs for established players



As the title implies, my wonderful guild is looking for new members. These are our reqs:

  • 550k gold donation on Monday

  • All seals

  • Use of free sigils for guild events and completing Guild Wars battles

  • Join our guild PSN group chat

But what do you get in return?

  • All tasks completed Monday and legendary tasks throughout the week

  • Rank 43 guild and climbing (even though we have no trophy req)

  • Bracket 1 in Guild Wars

  • ALL portals in guild events closed!

  • A fair and understanding leadership group

  • Helpful tips, deck support and a community with a fun sense of humour

Looking for a great guild but can’t yet meet the above requirements?

Our support guild, H0ly Shards, is also recruiting. This comes with many benefits too! Message me to find out what.

Please message me at OMFGorgeous on psn if you are interested and we can determine which guild is best for you. Thank you!


Bump. We have a few places open now :blush:


Updated to include recruitment for support guild H0ly Shards!


Just wanted to hop on and let interested folks know that when she says wonderful, she means it.

The people in these guilds are incredibly supportive, helpful and a joy to play with!

In Shards of Acclaim we get multiple Legendary Tasks as well as all tasks done and have never been outside the top 10 on any Tower of Doom event. We also are in the top 30 of all guilds in earning trophies per week (again with no trophy requirement).

Everyone in our guilds pulls their weight and then some and our organization and communication are second to none!

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Still got one spot


Worth noting that we just got done winning bracket 2 in guild wars and are on our way to bracket 1!


Have spots open. Pm me on psn :slight_smile:


great guild, fun and relaxed with good peeps