Scatter damage skips some or alll the troops

Platform, device version and operating system:
PC, Android

Screenshot or image:
I don’t have one.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
When doing scatter damage it ‘jumps’ some or all the troops. I’ve being suffering this issue only with Tesla on the new delving event. Today it happened with The Dragon Soul playing the daily events. It skipped second and third troop and hit (and killed) the last one, as the first was already out.

I checked out for traits, effects and statuses going on, but nothing came to fruition.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Randomly, with no consistency between or during battles. It began yesterday.

Steps to make it happen again
I’ve been unable to control when it happens or replicate it.

Did you check for Submerge? Spell Armour (or Spell Block) is also something that can affect it, but ‘skipping’ troops sounds like Submerge, which can be applied by other troops (which might have already been dead by the time you checked).

Just asking to check, since I couldn’t tell exactly which things you checked, and figured it made sense to check these off.

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Yes, as I said before I’ve been checking this statuses out, and the traits, spell effects going on, etc. But nothing, nada. I have no clue why could this be happening in some battles. Even when the numbers just don’t justify any other situation, like a 9k deck vs exploration at lvl 2.

The next time it happens, can you at least make a note of the AI team as they were before you cast the spell?

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Recently I had a Tina with 4 life and a hero with 20+. I hit them with Beetrix for around 120 true damage and hero died but Tina was hit for 2 true damage, halved to 1… and then proceeded to kill two troops before I could skull it away.

I had this happen against you on blue day this week @xolid99 lol.

I was not happy, I forget what your def was. I was using Forest Troll, Beetrix, Rope Dart, Possessed King. I killed the first 2 troops, had your hero and 4th troop left. Hero was down to 3hps and the 4th at 76hps.

I casted Bee, your hero was still at 3 hps, killed the last troop. She is around 115 true scatter.

What really made me mad is that I got an extra turn after the cast, your hero dodged 3 consecutive skull cascades. Then killed my 2 remaining troops.

So Beetrix did damage to only one troop. Not both and didn’t do all the damage she should have in total.

Got revenge though lol, They set me up to fight you again and I won the second battle. Anyway Kudos it was one of those battles I’ll remember for awhile. I was in the wtf just happened here mode.

I’ll have that hero any day of the week!

Seriously though, that’s something that takes the smile off your face when that occurs doesn’t it. Hero dodge is infuriating as well.

I’m sure I’ve seen what you and OP mention in that something skips now and then; and then there’s what’s happened for sure to me when 2 out of 122 scatter goes on 1 of 2 troops.

I’m thinking that spell block also is broken in that somehow or other spell block is applied after the scatter hits all troops without it. In explore with Beetrix I’ve noticed troops with 30 health left and everyone else has lost all life and the one standing has been hit for 3 or 4 true damage. Like 102 on other 3 and 8 - 50% on that.

Blue day is usually the day where things go wrong for me, sorry you got that reversed!

Will have to try and locate from guild discord but about a year ago I lost a game to 2 Rising Shadows and Megavore from an assassin l70 talent death mark. I had one turn, DM killed something, Rising Shadows, Rising Shadows and then a turn or two later a 4 match - Megavore lethal and entire team gone. Something like that, might not have been quite as bad as that, as time exaggerates. Was blue day though.

I’ve never gotten over it tbh - still infuriates. :joy:


One of the devs explained the mechanics in this post.

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I’ve been trying to do that, but it’s tiresome! Before launching any spell that could activate this issue, I’m checking the numbers, hitting f12, casting the spell, checking the numbers again… But I’ll do my best to provide you with some screenshots.

Screenshots would be best, of course. But even a list of what troops are present would be a start.

It just happened a few minutes ago!

First dungeon combat of the day, this screenshot if after casting Tesla, prior to that I only casted Shield of Urskaya.

In case you’d need to check the team I was using, this is the code:

As you can imagine, it was nearly impossible for Owlbear to endure the incoming damage!

Edit: I’m not 100% sure I didn’t cast Tesla right at the beginning of the combat. Also, in the cast before the screenshot, the one that didn’t kill King Owlbear, I did finished with two previous troops. I was wondering if it only added the armor to the damage for the two first troops, but only did the fixed 8 points to Owlbear.

Hope it helps!!

Just to eliminate obvious explanations, did Forest Guardian get a cast off during this battle? I notice the bottom of the board is empty of brown and purple gems.

Honestly? I can remember, but I’d say no, it was a pretty quick combat. Like 3 moves, probably. I had Gaard, Anu and Orpheus medals equipped.

I’m still taking screenshots of most of the ‘sensible’ combats.