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Rewarded Ads (A Break Down for the 4.9 Update)

This is the only reason I’m potentially okay with this, but I’m also wary of the ‘maths’ here or ideas of ‘balance’, so will have to wait until implementation to see if this holds up - particularly given that

GoW currently offers a range of daily low-hanging fruit resources to be earned in the form of Dungeons, Adventure Board, Delves, and free event Sigils. It’s already been stated that this amount currently feels a little too high (by Sirrian). I don’t want Rewarded Ads to be a part of that, because I don’t think it’s a fun way to earn low-hanging fruit. If that is, or does become, the case, I will not be happy, unless you open up a gofundme to become independently published at the same time.

I echo and agree with this part of Goodly’s comment:

In either case, thank you for bringing this up early.


So where is the incentive? If the ads can only be watched x times a day, make it worth doing.

In order to reduce immersion breakage, it would be awesome if at least some of the ads were for fake Krystara-themed goods and services, or real Gems of War merchandise.

I would watch ads for Stonehammer Sand & Gravel all day long.


I look forward with great interest at seeing how much the devs/publishers think 30 seconds of PvP is worth!


Yeah, just get it done once a day.

I’m fine with this and wouldn’t mind watching an ad or two every day to help the developers. Just don’t make it easy to accidentally press as Goodly mentioned. As a player with limited mobile data, this could potentially become a huge issue for me.


Why should they do that? This is a simple transaction: Watch the ads, get some small rewards.
I highly doubt they will tip the scale of their game economy in the players favor to such a degree for an optional task like this.

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The game economy is based on their actual real money economy. So my hope is with the new revenue stream is that they will roll back the costs of a lot of gold sinks that have turned players off from the game over the years.


Never going to happen. But points for wishful thinking.

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This seems completely fine, and I’m glad it was announced early.

Video ads that you decide when to watch are much better than immersion-breaking loading screen ads. Hopefully there’s a setting to prevent accidental data use.

So: are these ads being added in because the company is getting greedier? Or because they are struggling to make ends meet (a struggle predicted by many ever since the game went full gear on ‘pay to reduce grind’ instead of ‘buy stuff that increases fun’)? … ?
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I wonder how “30 sec of doing pvp” will be calculated?

As a fairly new player who wasn’t here at the beginning, I’ve been wondering how Death Knight armor would be received it if were released for the first time today.

With 5.0 coming up and monetization in the news, it seems like there’s an opportunity to add a new major purchase that gives multipliers for new currencies. You can imagine something like +50% chaos shards, +20% mythstones, +50% [new PVP thing]. I feel like there would probably be riots, but I wouldn’t mind supporting the game with one purchase if it wasn’t too greedy.

Anyway, on the scale of greed, I think these ads are fine. Hopefully they help the game survive longer.


I won’t mind these ads if implemented as an option but if they became mandatory then they will ruin your game for me. I have loved Netflix for many years but if they put in ads, I am out there also. Do not ruin your game with mandatory commercials. You have to thread this needle carefully to make it a good thing.

A lot of games have paid options to remove ads. Would five bucks be too much to support the devs and get rid of them?

I would rather there be something unintrusive that makes money than a world event which is very much intrusive.

Would it better to not have ads? Of course. But it’s a great way to generate revenue and those resources can be used to improve the game while improving resource rates for players.

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what happened with an economy classic of making offers people are more likely to buy without overpricing them ridiculously? imho, this game don’t need ads – it needs better marketing.

I know for a fact

  • some players would have spent their money if they were offered something of value for a reasonable price, even those holiday offers or extra team slots (and consider the geography!!)

  • having a bunny and some grumpy dude to test the skins market was a bad idea. they are unlikely choices as characters to begin with, plus this market is about individuality, so having different features to mix and match would have worked even better, especially if the price tag was really-really low to make it a community thing. something that everyone is likely to do, just because it costs close to nothing.

  • unfortunately, making bad choices does reflect on income. some players stopped supporting the game financially after those epic tasks and new stupid random troops they couldn’t play without getting a major frustration.


Steam explicitely forbids any inclusion of third party contents, including advertisements. I strongly doubt, they will change their mind at any point.

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So long as they aren’t annoying (looking at you flash offers), no pop-ups, no constant large or animated icon in your screen, I’m 100% ok with this.


Just because other games do it, it doesn’t mean this game needs to do it.

I’m glad that the GoW devs made the decision to be less intrusive and go with an opt-in approach instead of a paid opt-out one.


If we could have a world event which is not simply a waste of money and time in development to deliver more of the same poorly thought grind experience across all plataforms…