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Returning player looking for a casual guild

So, after having been out of the game for almost 6 months, I’ve recently began playing a bit again. I am looking for a guild to enhance the fun, but I don’t want to return to the huge grind that the game was before my hiatus…

So what I am looking for is a guild that plays casually (like 100-200 trophies a week requirement for example).
Can anyone point me into the direction of guilds like that?


What platform do you play on?

@Darkness is pc/mobile. Welcome back to the game. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Macawi. :slight_smile: I am indeed on PC/mobile.

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Have a look at the TroublesomeStrumpett recruitment thread.

Our requirements are very modest, 750 Seals or Gold Equivalent, we don’t insiste you need to do Guild Wars, Invasions or Raids (but we appreciate it!)

We’re currently completing 2 Statues a week and getting 20k Seals.

Drop me a line and I can invite you :slight_smile:

Hey, check munchies marauders.

I’d be interested in having you join Fear the RNG. It’d be a perfect fit for you. And you’d be able to open up 40k chests on Sundays in AWR or GNR. Let me know if you’re interested please.

Thanks for the replies. I rejoined Anonymous Guardians earlier today in Bnonymous.

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