(Resolved) There is a bug in the Warrens delve

I completed the quests for the Warrens Delve, and proceeded to the delve screen. The “edit team” screen allowed me to build Gorgotha, The Dragon Soul, The Worldbreaker, and Behemoth. All fully traited. I used the Red and Purple banner. When I hit the return button to go from “Edit Team” screen to “Fight Screen”, I received an error message, then when I hit the “okay” button in the error message it restarted my game, minus my delve as if it had been used. I repeated the process with the same result. Can I have my 2 delves back please.

Thank you. I determined in the link for the faction event that the colors for the delve were green and yellow after the fact, but it still ate my delves. Can I have 9,000,000 gems as a “gee we’re sorry” compensation :slight_smile: LOL

if you contact support theyll probably send you some gold souls and glory as compensation but not the lost delve scrolls

Hey there Wizdum :slight_smile: I apologize for the issues with the Warren Faction last Friday. The gems of War team resolved the issue within an hour or two of it occurring. During this time, if you attempted to enter the Delve with Troops that were not Yellow/Green Mana then the game would produce an error. We’ve checked this in our server logs and it does not generate a “starting” log for the battle, so, fortunately, no Sigils would have been lost.

Thank you for your attentiveness. Great game either way. The error message I received was somebodies name with a bunch of letters after the fact if that helps. Hansy or something like that.

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Yes, we use those specific error codes to track down issues. No worries, I’m glad we could be of help!

I purchased a flash offer and have my google play receipt saying I was charged $4.99 US for 200 gems, but the gems have not appeared on my account. Also, it offered it 3 times I believe, but It says on my game that I already own this even though I only bought once. I shut down the game and restarted with the same outcome.

You replied to the wrong person :stuck_out_tongue:
@Cyrup can you look into this?

Your reply has nothing to do with this post, but: https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000261156-Purchase-not-received

@Wizdum please contact us here if you haven’t already.