(Resolved) Infernus' second cast sometimes does not occur

I would swear that shortly after 4.0 went live I saw Infernus skipping hits. Of course, now that I am using him again and trying to reproduce this, I can’t.

I also noticed it right after the 4.0. But not anymore. But maybe its differently on consoles?

I haven’t been paying attention to Infernus now, but before it definitely hit 2 targets no matter how many was alive. It was strong and part of the reason why people liked it a lot.

I can confirm the change was recent as i use infernus all the time. Not sure if it came with 4.0 or shortly after. Could be the ubastet nerf that also affected infernus

Since this is about the splash damage of the second hit, technically compared to his supposed former self we would only miss 1/8-1/4 of his damage in these particular cases.

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@Kafka this was introduced with 4.0, probably a side effect of the Ubastet-kills-summoned-troops-fix

Hey, sorry for the delayed reply. We’re looking into this. I’ll reply when I have an update.

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This just impacted me in two battles in a row, so friendly ping for when you’re back in the office. Infernus may be working as intended, but it’s still a functional change that has severely impacted the power level of Infernus. I wouldn’t necessarily refund him, but it’s a big enough change that in my opinion people should get the option to refund him. (Unless the outcome of this is "change how the targeting works so that the second cast can re-target if the first one killed the original target, obviously.)

Do you have any recent information?

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Hey, as far as we can ascertain Infernus’ spell never changed, we certainly didn’t change it on purpose, it’s currently working as intended and there’s no reasonable explanation as to how or why it would change by itself.

So in other words, it’s all in order and I’m not aware of any plans to change it, however, I’ve passed the feedback on that players would like the way it targets changed.

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So, reviving this now that Tina’s spell has forced the addition of “ResetTargets”: true in 4.3 code and World.JSON, but Infernus spell remains nerfed: Is this confirmation that Infernus will not be getting a similar fix?

Maybe this was never intended, but i definitely changed. So this statement is just not true… (see Infernus' second cast sometimes does not occur)

Bit late but…

Infernus’s spell (targeting) was actually changed twice. The version he was released with would always retarget if an enemy died during his first shot, because target lock was non-existent in Unity and he released early on in the PC Unity port. This was changed with the global target lock fix (the one that made Kraken stop devouring a third troop after killing two). After this, he would lock target on an enemy that died during the first hit of his spell occasionally, but still deal his splash damage if he targeted a dead troop. This was changed when a global change was made that culled spell effect steps that would target a slot where a troop had died (the one that made Ubastet stop instakilling traitsummons).

IMO, Infernus really should just retarget like his spell used to do when he first released. This is most impactful during the clean-up phase of a battle or versus weaker opponents where having his second shot occasionally miss after dealing a lethal splash damage hit does very little for balance while introducing a lot of frustration.

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I mean while we’re mucking about with the spells we may as well fix it, right?

I feel like this kind of accident probably happens a lot. Technically Kafka is right: the devs never intended to change Infernus.

But clearly, a lot of troops share targeting code. It makes sense. That targeting code couples the behavior of Infernus and other troops that share it together. If you change that code, it’s going to change all of them. It changed. Infernus changed. Nothing really got done about it, probably because there wasn’t a way to make it right again.

TINA brought us the way to make it right again.


With TINA corrected, it is definitely time for the developers to take a look at Infernus. His spell is underpowered since the targeting was not adjusted like TINA. Any info on this @Kafka. @Cyrup


This second cast issue also happens for The Deep King. Worth noting Sea of Sorrow delve is next week…

My TDK killed the enemy with splash damage and the second cast never happened.

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Can you do something about this? I am using Infernus a lot and this issue really makes it kind of underpowered or worse than it used to be in a way.

Thank you.

Sounds like with the most recent fix they added a check if initial amount of damage kills, but there might still be nothing in place if splash damage kills adjacent troop

Here’s what I know, and they can fix it, and I sort of hope “them being quiet” means they have a bullet point to fix it but they’re scared to make a promise if they don’t know “when”.

There is a new flag in the data that tells each step of the spell to completely recalculate target data. That’s what changed for TINA and when it was added is when TINA started working. TINA’s also the only troop (last I checked, which was a few days ago) using it.

So any other troop that hits multiple targets might try to hit a thing that’s already dead, unless its specific targeting logic for some reason tries to avoid that. (There are a lot of unique targeting methods and I’ve only studied one.) IF that troop has this problem, the new flag should make it start working.

So it’s a small, “easy” change. I put quotes there because “easy” is a dangerous word in software. If they go down any other code paths that TINA didn’t, the possibility that changing this flag alters something else exists. Hopefully a slow dev response means they’re doing that research before promising a fast fix.

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Good catch! The Deep King definitely has the same issue. Hopefully, @Slypenslyde is correct and the “TINA treatment” can be applied to Infernus, TDK, and any other similar troop. Has anyone noticed if Ship Cannon has the same issue? It is the only other troop I can think off of the top of my head that has a similar spell mechanic.