Request: allow some players to sit out GW without harming guild points

As per title, since i really really really really really hate GW, but i love my guild i would be enthusiast to be able to not play the god damned GW without influencing their score.
So since other ppl like GW and should be free to play it, i’d like to be free not to play it.
Ofc i propose also to not give such benched ppl any GW prize, otherwise that would be leeching.
I would not suffer from this since the stress GW causes to me every single ffffffffffff day makes the prizes completely irrelevant. I am quite near to complete burnout and is only cuz GW.
TY very much.


One way to do this is to ignore the bottom 3 scores for guild wars.
That way everyone CAN play, but 10% of a guild doesn’t HAVE to play.

This way guilds also don’t get hurt when people leave in the middle of the week, or if a few are on holiday.


Or even top 25. It’s common sense and I can’t believe it wasn’t a feature from the off. I’m losing someone I really don’t want to on Monday because of this and have already lost people. My Mrs would also quit if I didn’t do her battles too. I like gw but hate it in equal measure.


i would prefer:

  • when calculating weekly gw rollover take best 25 weekly members scores
  • when calculating daily victory take all scores into account (since they were done that certain day so it deserves a bonus)
  • give gw rewards to all members regardless to their participation (if ppl dont want leechers then dont stay in a guild where leader allows leechers - simple as that)

within that all 30 members are allowed to fight, but worst 5 members wont push guild down towards worse brackets and/or reward tier

i think that would be a win-win situation


I would be fine even with top 10 scores from a guild. Because why not? Some don’t want to play. Some get unlucky (fighting a justmub team is often nothing more than a coin toss) and feel bad for “hurting their guild”.

I don’t think it would have any impact on the rankings and people would be much more relaxed playing the game. Which is supposed to be relaxing in the first place, right? :wink:


in that case i would bargain top 20 maybe?
i think if only the minority (or even just half) of the guild is fighting it doesnt feel like a “guild war” anymore, more like a "group war"
something like world of warcraft heroic for 5 ppl if you know what i mean :stuck_out_tongue:

i want involvement of majority of members in the guild to be required for best gw results and i believe that should be the “spirit of guild wars”

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Because of the luck factor it would be better for a guild if most of the members would fight anyway. Just take the crème de la crème when deciding the result of a war. A lot less pressure on people and the competetive spirit left untouched.

Maybe give the top 10 guys some small weekly reward?

But yeah, 20 would work as well I guess :slight_smile:


made a poll about it here


It’s the reason why I’m leaving the guild I’m in. They really are a fantastic bunch and have kept me going with this game. Guild wars puts too much pressure on yourself to do well so you don’t let your guild down. Guild wars is broken in my eyes with how bad the cascading is in the AI’s favour. I can’t not do guild wars as it’ll harm the guild so all I can do is vacate my position. I’m hoping it will change one day and maybe the guild I’m in will have me back.


Could rework the guild war system to have the guild leader be able to hand out battle tokens of the people who didnt play for the day.So if you have 30 member guild 5 battles each = 150 battles tokens,then say 3 people didnt play at all that day you can choose someone to hand their 15 battle tokens to.


Providing it’s taken on board, I’m sure the devs will consider all the options and decide on what they see fit to help with guild wars as it needs reworking.

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i dont like the tokens, simply since then every guild would give as many tokens as possible to their strongest gw player…
at least the guilds who are trying to get good ranking rewards

This appears to be the biggest issue in GW by far yet I don’t think I have ever seen a dev response unless missed it. @Saltypatra

I really hope Guild Wars is left as it stands, elite guilds require elite performance.
GW rewards a quality of performance and not quantity. Unlike PVP, it’s not down to who can mash a key pad the fastest :yum:
I believe it’s a refreshing change that no bot can win.

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Yeah… this and less days…
I say 5 days tops…

The “having to play” part is putting a lot of people of the game…