[Reported] Weapon number banned in chat

I’m majoring in computer engineering so I get it. Regex is also a pain in the proverbial to learn and deal with. I agree that from a player perspective, game-breaking bugs deserve priority. However, it would be nice to be able to say “Twinkle Berry” or share a team with the Ring of Crystal Fire.


Happy to keep this thread open as long as the community guidelines are followed, if not I will have to close it. Thanks.

Please bear in mind my post was in response to criticisms in an attempt to provide more transparency, not as a general response to the original bug report.

As already mentioned, if we can fix it so team sharing isn’t broken then we will.
If we can’t we will remove it from the censor.
In general our stance is not to allow any very clear references to supporting Hitler or Nazis in our game though and we’re not apologetic about that regardless of any feedback we receive to the contrary. I shouldn’t need to explain that.


Are there any “violations” in this thread until now? If so please penalize them. If not, why are you even mentioning this? What kind of “Power games” is this? A reminder that you can close this topic basically anytime you want?

If we’re already down to “if” 's I personally don’t expect anything to happen regarding the whole problem with the weapon number / team sharing - not even being removed again. You can basically “try” to solve the “if” problem “forever” and bury it like you did with many other bugs or support tickets in the past.
I really hope this isn’t a too contrary opinion for you, it built up over the years through devs actions and inactions and I would love to be proven wrong on my opinion more regularly. Reminder for the future: I’m also able to say “I’m sorry” if I was wrong.

edit: Is there anything the players may be able to help with regarding the situation / process to maybe satisfy everyone? I mean, if you don’t really know how to fix things, maybe someone else could give some intel.
What about simply changing the current weapon id 1488 to another free “id”? Anyone thought of that?

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The post was about player names. Chat can easily be moderated. Team names cannot.

Yes or I wouldn’t have said anything. As always we delete or edit out the posts that breached the community guidelines.

Nothing further is needed from the community the bug was reported, it’s not as high priority given the other bugs that the team are working on right now so it’s not at the top of the list and will take time.

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