[Reported] Visual Bug with Event Medal

Platform, device version and operating system:
Happens on PC and Mobile: Andriod

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I opened the World Event ‘Shady dealings’ built a team and went to battle, I was reminded ‘you have unequipped event medals, would you like to eqip them now?’ I selected to equip them and this opened up Medal GUI, I scrolled to my 2nd medal load out which was ‘empty empty orpheus’ (I’d previously used the same load out last World Event so the old medals had been taken away and converted to Seasons.

I clicked in the first empty slot and selected the new world event Crystal Medal, this instantly caused my Orpheus medal to visual glitch into the shown image above. I expected Orpheus to remain looking like an Orpheus Medal, not a sideways event medal.

Selecting the glitched Orpheus in the loadout or indeed just selecting an Orpheus in your collection corrects the Visual Bug.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I noticed it on my PC account but didn’t get to record it so I tried it on my mobile account and it did the same and was able to capture the bug. Haven’t noticed it prior to this week with medals

Steps to make it happen again
Have a semi empty medal load-out with an Orpheus medal in last slot (perhaps the two empty medal slots need to be from old converted event medals being removed when converted to Medals of Seasons) . Purchase medals from World event, be prompted before fighting to equip event medals, load a new World Event medal into position one, look at graphic for the equipped Orpheus glitch out


I’m sorry, but I can’t reproduce this on iOS :sob:

As far as I understood it, it shouldn’t be possible to reproduce it:

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Mine is still bugged on android and steam… My medals are drunk.

Only happens if I have before reset

Event medal, Event medal, orpheus medal

Then I open my mail to say we have converted events to seasons

Then I go to new world event and build team, go to battle and then I get the pop up reminder about medals

That screen then shows my orpheus in 3rd slot as a sideways event medal

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Did you update to 5.6 or are you still running 5.5?

This still happens to me as well. My orpheus is usually in the first slot. As soon as I select a medal to fill the empty slots, the orpheus rights itself. I am 5.6 now…we’ll see what happens after next weekly reset.

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Yep this has been around for me since world events started and I always do the updates when they come out. Also this is also on my beta account too not just the live servers.

As IMDE says…we shall see

This happens to me too every now and then and has for a couple months. Android.