[Reported] Troop not marked as able to ascend

Windows/Steam version

I do not know, if it is a result of the 7-1-5 update or has been there before, and neither do I know, if it is exclusive to this one troop, but in the troop screen, my Treekin is missing the blue “+” mark and does not get sorted on top when sorting troops for upgradable status.

P.S.: Please advise me, if I should leave it this way for a bit to see, if the error persists, or if I can safely ascend the troop (which, despite the display issue, is possible) because the problem is picked up.


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It appears to be, that this issue does not affect all troops. I just had another ascendable one, that was marked correctly, while Treekin is still in the same state as shown above.
If someone from the team needs my invite code, tell me, so I can PM you.

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This is a really old issue, I’ve updated it for the team, thanks Jerog.

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