[REPORTED] Rerolled tasks are broken

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Original task

Rerolled task

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Rerolled tasks are supposed to offer a different task at lower difficulty that will just take longer to complete. Not just replace an Explore Kingdom with Adana and give the exact same difficulty but cost more battles to complete it.
(In this case at least 25 matches replaced with 30)

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Steps to make it happen again
Reroll a gold explore task and just have “bad luck” when you do. 🤷


Was wondering if it was just my ‘RNG’ that was hating on Adana (3 of my rerolls were ‘Explorer’, all Adana) …

…but apparently GoW programming budget could only cover the first kingdom in the alphabetical list?
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I can sort of see them moving on to All-Seeing Eye next campaign, causing everybody rerolling to crash out because they didn’t even test it once. :roll_eyes:


I think the rerolled tasks are supposed to be more tasking than the original one. I believe, the reroll was only designed to take on multi-day tasks instead of others.


I love the rerolls in general, but it’s true that “Explore Adana” is bugged and a whammy anytime it triggers :laughing:

I basically look at it as a convenience tax for the other tasks I no longer have to do, and wait to do them until there’s one in each of the three rarity columns :man_shrugging:


A guildmate of mine has confirmed that when he has gotten “explore” re-rolls, they have always been Adana. All 4 times.


I re rolled ranked pvp because i dont play pvp and it gave me ranked pvp just with more wins needed to complete it so i ended up spending the gems to clear it out as usual.If you dont get a different type of task even if it takes more times to do it then normal well rerolling tasks is useless then.


Not sure why people even wonder about it… It’s fixed to Adana. period. Until anything is changed on the server side Forgotten Explorer will always give Adana.

That’s the downside of having RNG in place to pick up new tasks… sometimes you can reroll into same task-type that you wanted to reroll.

From all i’ve seen so far rerolled tasks are one of these below:

  • explore battles in Adana
  • win ranked pvp
  • kill colored troops
  • win battles (any type)

So rerolling any of above might backfire on player… (as they will get same task-type with more battles/kills to do)

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But… couldn’t it be RNG? I always hear we are just getting exceptionally unlucky in these kind of situations. :smirk:


I’m more onto a theory that each kingdom explore task will have it’s own name. Adana is “forgotten explorer”… Maybe “Sand digger” will be for Drifting Sands etc. Each kingdom will have its own tasks, and that’s where RNG will be used.

For what it is now, it looks like this tasks is assigned to Adana.

But that’s just a theory. It might be some lazy programming, when instead of giving random kingdom, one is hardcoded :man_shrugging:


They probably intended to have a placeholder for the kingdom id in the task definition, like {1}, and instead put a constant in there, like 1.


[Not a bug] ?
[Reported] ?
[Investigating] ?
[More info needed] ?
[Fixed before next week’s reset because we are dedicated to product quality and customer satisfaction] ?
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You forgot [Not a bug: QoL issue] :wink:


Guess it’s time to summon staff members:

@Saltypatra @OminousGMan @Jeto

Could you give a response about this task?
Why is it always “do explore battles in Adana”?
Is it a mistake ? Its it “working as intended” and more tasks of such type will be added in future (“do explore battles in XXX kingdom”)?
Because right now it looks pretty dumb… Why always Adana? :man_shrugging:

Thanks for posting this, was going mad at the game for being so unlucky. Happy to see this is yet another « deal with it » choice from the devs.


It would appear that the answer is [TGIF]
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3 weeks later, regrettably the new mods and (unsurprisingly?) the old ones have decided to selectively ignore this and several other bug reports.

Seeing however how I reroll any tasks that are time-gated, or that require changing my troops, class, weapon or banner, or that have the words ‘arena’, ‘delve’ or ‘treasure hunt’ in them, it is noteworthy to highlight that I haven’t seen any ‘Explorer’ task in the past couple of weeks, and was wondering if it’s just RNG or they’ve done their ‘silent update without admitting to anything’ thing.
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They’re still there — I caught one today :joy:


Yep, two of my rerolls here became “fight N explore battles in Adana” tasks.

Also broken: selecting “Do Task” on them does not take me to Adana. Easy to overlook until you’re halfway through an explore run and wait, why am I in Dragon’s Claw?


Unsurprisingly, when a company deliberately ignores a bug, it is bound to keep reoccurring.
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