[REPORTED] PlayStation 5. The "Course be gone" trophy does not work

When I received the “Curse be gone” trophy, the synchronization with the PlayStation network stopped working, error NP-103374-8, the trophy is not displayed even though it drops out (it dropped out 2 times), I had to roll back the console to the factory settings. I tried to knock out the trophy again, the situation repeated 100%, again rolled the console back to the factory settings. I was not the only one who faced this problem; still people who fulfilled the conditions of the trophy faced this problem. I ask you to help with the solution of this issue, for me trophies and their receipt are an important part of the game, I am grateful to you in advance.

This is also a problem with the Russian version of the game, I think, judging by the error code, the list of these trophies has not been published or uploaded to the PlayStation online trophy list, and therefore synchronization fails.

Yeah, the new trophy list definitely hasn’t been pushed to Sony’s servers. The popular trophy tracking sites update with DLC when someone earns a trophy from that DLC, and they haven’t yet, so it looks like the trophies aren’t syncing for anyone.

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