[Reported] New Despond Legendary 3rd trait is bugged

Platform, device version and operating system:
Xbox One

Screenshot or image:
I have no way to post a screenshot

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
“Drain 3 Mana from a random Enemy when matching 4 or more Gems.”

Instead my Despond drained 3 Mana from one of my troops.

If you have 2 Desponds on a team, it does the effect twice on your team and not on the Enemy.

If the opponent is running Despond, it drains the opponent’s team and not yours.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every time

Steps to make it happen again
Match 4 or more Gems with Despond on the team. A Ice storm makes that easier.


Not that I don’t trust my fellow gemmers (everyone makes mistakes hu) but it was so hard to believe and tried it myself. You’re right. HOW DOES THIS PASS MOST BASIC QA?!

Made a video of it, too heavy for the forum limit, so here are captures.

Before move:

During move:

After move:

As you see, I match 5 and 3 mana is taken from MY Apophosis and the enemy remains untouched. I really have no more words for this mess. Jeezes.


Can’t pass QA when they don’t do any QA.

Also no announcement in here yet again, this is my surprised face … :yawning_face:


The one thing this company is consistent about is its questionable philosophies and dedication to quality and customer-satisfaction.
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Hahahahaha, this one is hilarious!


Absolutely pathetic


:woman_facepalming: (+ 10 characters)

I mean… It’s just logical:


I wonder who we’re blaming this time, node.js? Linux?

If it wasn’t for incompetence, we’d have no competence at all!

Totally ridiculous! These bunch of clowns my god :rofl:
Nothing left in me I just can laugh. :rofl:

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Took a couple of weeks off from the game. Came on here to check out their foolish excuse for the cursed gnomes and saw this thread.

I guess this will be “fixed in the future” too…

Wake up people, you are beating a dead horse playing this game. Grow some courage and stop playing.

Hoping things get better wont change the fact that junkies are still spending their money at this scam

I stayed for the community this long and if I could meet my friends in other game I would leave in a blink of an eye. The quality is so bad it enrages me every week

I noticed this in the game too. 9 times out of 10 it takes mana from my team instead of the opponent’s.

Has nothing to do with courage or the lack thereof. I still enjoy the game for the most part.

Yes, some things are laughable, some are infuriating, but I’ve played the game without despond so far, I can play without him for a while longer.

Lowered my expectations a lot, though, overall. That really helps.


Same here. I switched to a guild with no GW/trophy reqs and i can hit the gold reqs just playing casually.

I certainly can’t justify supporting this game financially in its current state.


Hey everyone!

The Dev Team is aware of this issue with Despond’s 3rd Trait and a fix will be issued for it in the next 24hrs.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


Thanks, guys.

The thread is about Despond draining mana from allies instead of enemies, nobody cares about the description

What is your problem?
It was released with this trait description (see the OP) and now it also seems to be doing exactly that - draining mana from a random enemy instead of a random ally.

Sorry, attempt at a stupid joke.

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