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[Reported] Issue with Voice of Orpheus

I was fortunate enough to recently unlock Voice of Orpheus. I have tried troop a few times but magic damage always falls short by about 20 points. This is a little frustrating. Please look into the matter. Thanks.

Already here:

and here

with the takeaway being that it’s more so an issue with incorrect spell description (and boosted damage calculation tip-box) than with the spell itself not working correctly - namely, Orpheus own mana shouldn’t be included when calculating damage since mana is used up before damage takes place.


Working as “intended” per here:

I still maintain that whether or not the actual mechanic in which the damage is calculated is intended, it is a bit frustrating that it is considered “not a bug” to show a number in the boost ratio preview that is always incorrect for this specific spell. Again, simplest fix here would be to change the text (boosted by all other allies mana) and also change the boost ratio condition (from allies/all/mana to allies/other/mana, which is hopefully already something that can already be done).

Similar boost ratio calcs that take “fragile” buffs into account (those that go away when you cast like enchant or submerge, like on Penlong and Undine) could get a similar treatment, because this is an issue for them if they have their respective buffs before casting.


So there’s a QoL text change that’s been on their to-do list (or not) since January, why am I not shocked.

Sorry. At least January.


Basically, when you cast Orpheus’ spell, you use the mana, which is why it doesn’t count in the spell but is in the bonus text, the test will be changed soon.

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Rofl. You guys test nothing…ever

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Thanks for your response. I think description and bonus are misleading. Just hope it gets updated. Happy playing!

This is a blatant lie! They are constantly testing!
…our patience :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

Seriously though, I’m under the impression that there is definitely a group amongst the devs who genuinely try to create a solid game experience. Unfortunately they are overpowered by people who push for constant new content and fast output.

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biggest problem with software development -> “Time to market” aproach

you want to make sure your software is working as intended, but you are also under the presure of time and deadlines promissed by your company marketing experts

many, many programs get released, and on tthe day of release, devs are already working on next 2 hotfixes or patches to deliver content, which wasn’t finished by release date

sometimes they are called “expansions” (more modern name -> DLC)