[Reported] Haunted Guardian Spell - Wrong Wording (under Android)

Not fixed in 5.6. The problem returned: neither on speed x3 nor x4 the spell works correctly. HG just destroys 3x5 block.

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Looks half-fixed in 5.6.1: at speed x3 gems are destroyed correctly, but at speed x4 only a block 3x5 is destroyed, not a cross.

Well, this day has come. Haunted Guardian could be useful in the current world event (Ruby Light) if her spell was working correctly. @Devs: do you treat it as a minor bug of a troop never used by anyone?

@Nullings there is no QA in GoW development. Uber doom skulls will be buggy just any other newly released content.

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Will be nice to see this troop’s bug fixed in 5.7.

Version 6.0. The bug was not fixed, still reproducible at speed x4.


Tested this last night on PC and on android this morning.
PC works properly.
On android it sometimes not explodes the full pattern, looks like it is blocked by skulls.

Given this pattern, T is the targeted gem, and S is a skull on that position,


Then the exploded pattern sometimes looks like this:

OXXXX X in the center was T
OXXXX first X was the skull on this line

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Version 6.1 - bug not fixed yet. The same 3x5 block is destroyed at speed x4.


Version 6.1.5 - bug not fixed yet. Sometimes the bug shows even at speed x3 (tested under speeds x3 and x4).


Version 6.2 – the bug was not fixed. Reproduces reliably at speed x4. Sometimes – at speed x3.

@Kafka, @Jeto , can you tell, when it will be fixed?


I believe that an update will be issued soon, just reminding about a bug. It’s either about wording or about spell working.

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Hey @Nullings

This is something we have been chasing up, I’ll poke the team again and see if there is any further update on this issue.