[Reported] Game animations not running in 4x

Xbox series x version 6.8.0r43736**

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I have the game set to 4x speed and i noticed this morning that the animations are noticeably slower. I started playing again this evening and the animations are still slow. I tried resetting the game, i hard reset my xbox a couple times, i also reset my modem a couple times.This is simply what you were trying to do and what happened instead. ‘I was trying to start an Arena battle, but Gems of War loaded Broken Spire quest instead!’_

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I noticed it happening this morning and it has been going on all day. e.g. Was this a once-off bug or has it been a consistent issue? Does it only happen after doing a particular game mode?_

Steps to make it happen again
Turn the game on and play… e.g. Sometimes there are certain steps that can lead to a problem that may not be obvious! Example: I lose once in the Arena, I then exit to the world map, select broken Spire on the Map and enter Arena. broken spire’s quest lost instead._

Hello :slight_smile:

I know this isn’t the easiest but can you please record a video of this issue happening?

  • You can also upload the video to the xbox profile (Make sure its available for public viewing)
  • Afterwards, please privately message me your xbox gamertag so I can check the video.

I uploaded a clip to my feed on my profile. Watch how the gnomes load in, it’s not as fast as it usually is. My gamertag is. o0 Doc Freez 0o

Hello :slight_smile:

Thanks! Got the video and I’ve passed a report to the development team.

Appreciate the effort to upload the video.